Abe, Ethiopian leader urge peace in South Sudan


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I hardly think Japan is in a position to give out $4.8 million dollars. What with the Fukushima disaster etc. The country is like a sinking ship loaded with gold bullion, and instead of using the money to fix the damage, Abe is instead throwing it around the world to make new friends against China. (And don`t get me started on the 2020 olympics) A case of misplaced priorities if ever there was one

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China goes to Africa to make money. Japan goes there to give money. The former for economic reasons, the latter for political reasons.

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Resource rich Africa. Abe did nto go there to become role model of peace. He went there so that he can get oil. Maybe he has plan to reduce nuclear energy plants in Japan? One thing is for sure. Japan Inc. will expand to Africa. He is a better sales representative than the head of a country that mess around Middle East with wars.

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OMG! for a while i come across this word quite a lot!!! i mean a lot! "URGE" . from bbc to ap, used a lot these days!

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Some Asian guy and some African guy urge peace.

Boy how far would that message carry forward.

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“I have confirmed with (Hailemariam) that Japan and Ethiopia will maintain close contact and exchange information for stability for the situation in South Sudan,” Abe said.

That will fix the problem. should also fix Central African Republic and then do Syria........

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Abe is hardly a role model for talking about peace

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I hope Abe reflects on his words of his when he returns home.

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