Abe eyes visit to India's Imphal, fierce WWII battlefield, in December


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Perhaps Prime Minister Abe as he prays for peace, will also apologize in his heart to the many who suffered and died there, especially the miserable starved and out-gunned Japanese troops, under such horrific conditions.

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The Burma campaign was one of the most egregious, hair-brained schemes concocted by Japan's military government, and Imphal was the bloody cherry on the cake that stands as a reminder of the monumental blunders only governments are capable of perpetrating when citizens allow themselves to be turned into cannon fodder. Most Japanese know nothing about Imphal. I fear the lesson remains unlearned and lost on Abe who will visit wondering the wrong kind of "What if..." question.

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Abe is sure to mention Tokyo War Crimes dissenting judge Radhabinod Pal of India who held that every one of the accused should be found "not guilty".

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Luckily they did not really get as far as India, smith. Those Indian lives among others were sadly lost the other side of the Bay of Bengal.

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Could we also know how many British and Indian soldiers were killed?

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I am from Imphal, Manipur. My grandparents were alive during the time of Battle of Imphal. When they told stories of the war they did not mention any atrocities committed by the Japanese army. Imphal was bombed using Japanese aircrafts and they used to take shelter in bunkers. Later, when the Japanese army came, they used to trade food from the locals in exchange of gold and other commodities. The people of Manipur do not have any hard feelings towards the Japanese army.

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I Wonder if Abe will acknowledge the atrocities Japan committed in India, the rapes, and also the forced labor with the death railway. I doubt it. He'll be going there to pray for hte Japanese lost, and maybe say it's regrettable some Indian lives were lost, too.

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