Abe hails election of pro-nuclear Tokyo governor


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Bring back the nukes to solve the deficit problem. No choice. And this antediluvian stooge is just the man to help Honest get it done.

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Old people electing... this is the consequence... thought not that we have some other good option.

Young people don't vote... old people vote for the one who gives them more promises to the old and decrepit...

And... we already knew this was going to happen when the elections were announced.

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Does he really have that much say in whether NPPs will be turned back on in places like Fukushima, Fukui, Shizuoka and Ibaraki?

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Why was the voter turnout so low, oh I forgot it LDP corruption.

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Why was the voter turnout so low?

Because it snowed a lot in Tokyo on the previous day of the election and streets were slippery. When the turnout is low, LDP and Komeito are strong. Because Komeito is backed by Soka Gakkai and believers of Soka Gakkai vote all for a candidate their headquarter directs. I wonder how is the situation in America. Can a religious group control votes of their believers?

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If the wife of PM Abe is anti nuclear energy, did she vote for him and is she part of the women's group withdrawing their sex for any man voting for Yoichi Masuzoe?

The LDP are divided over the future use of nuclear energy and some senior ministers are opposed. Its senior political party the Komeito are opposed to the use of nuclear energy.

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Elections are rigged here in the USA. Back when the majority of voters here in Florida voted for Al Gore for Pres. All the votes went to Bush.

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He won the support of the 30% of Tokyo residents that could be bothered to vote. And, most that did vote were on the LDP pay role, hence the win.

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One more Shinzo Abe old crony elected into office. Wonder what would happen should all these old people suddenly die in office?

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I am pro nuclear, BUT these old plants need to be decommissioned and replaced with up to date technology all the way down to their foundations, not just a reactor or steam generator upgrade. Some of the oldest reactors still in use date back to 1970 and some experts say the tech was already outdated at the time they were built.

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Something's really seriously off about AFP's coverage of this election.

Masuzoe left the LDP to form his own party. He's a centrist. A Neoliberal. Even when he was in the LDP he was seen as being the left of the party. Yes, Abe put his weight behind his campaign - but so did the DPJ. He had solid support from FOUR parties in the Diet during this election, not including the one he started!

Why is there no mention of this significant part of his career in any of the AFP articles covering this election? Starting a new political party is hardly an insignificant point. Why does a single quote from 1989 warrant a couple of rounds of the news cycle while creating a new political party to represent the political center of the Japanese political landscape isn't worth a sentence?

Why is AFP trying to spin him as Abe's henchman? The only thing he has in common with Abe is a general agreement on nuclear policy. W in T actual F is going on here? This makes absolutely no sense to me.

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Ha! So this clown is the strongest weakling on the sickly block. Whooopdeewoo! He's mostly backed by the mindless SokkaGakkai idiots. And, of course, he's tenuously supported by the chief dufus Abe. Perfect!

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Abe and LDP have to be careful now. Masuzoe was known to irritate Abe by opposing Abe's policies in past. He knew poverty when he was growing up. He knew defective elder people care system after he took care of his mother, His nuclear plant policies differ with LDP. He is not going to shut up. He is not L/DP member and he couldn't care less of LDP that once kicked him out. I don't believe he is Abe;s henchman when he is the one scared Abe by him irritating any Abe's policies by his scholastic and debate skills no one can match, I doubt very much if he suddenly become Abe;s henchman, Old and lengthy habit of needling LDP will not stop. him.

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Which stories are true? Old people voted more than young people. Or Melting snow prohibited old people voting?

Daniel wrote: Old people electing... this is the consequence... thought not that we have some other good option. Young people don't vote... old people vote for the one who gives them more promises to the old and decrepit... And... we already knew this was going to happen when the elections were announced.

Do you have data on your comment?

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Abe has now consolidated support of Japan's largest city. Massive political success for himself so can push more of his right wing agenda. Some years later people will look back at him the way the American's look back at George Bush Jr.

Every country needs to go through this phase. Japan is always a decade or two behind the US in just about everything.

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Japan sits on the most active fault line in the World called 'the ring of fire'. there are constant friction of plates merging together building pent up energy which triggers great earthquakes and tsunamis, so basically this is the worst place on earth to have a nuclear energy plant. After what happened last time it's is just suicidal to continue to pursuit nuclear energy in Japan. Mr Abe is frantic to create a legacy for himself he is ignoring the level of risk people have to take under his belligerent leadership.

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The bigger his ego gets inflated the more he will work towards his bursting point and that point of time could be real soon.

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Disillusioned, he won by receiving about 30% of those who voted. That's about 16% support from the citizens of Tokyo. Who wins with 16% support? I smell something fishy going on here.

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