Abe hails Thatcher as strong and devoted leader


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an endorsement from Abe doesn't really count for much nowadays...

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Walk through of Economy under Thatcher Government in 4 charts - http://www.miguelangeldiez.com/2013/04/09/thatcher

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She was one of the greatest leaders of world. She will be missed.

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I usually don't care what Abe says, but on this he's absolutely right. Thatcher was one of the last great! A great loss. None of successors were as poignant, tough and decisive as her. Great woman, great politician.

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As one of 'Maggie's Children' - I can honestly say that she was an absolute tyrant and caused misery for millions in the UK. In various discussion boards around the web, I've noticed it's mainly the Americans and Japanese that think she was so fantastic! She was anything but!

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