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Abe has shot at extended PM run

By Linda Sieg

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The last thing I would do is dishonour Abe-san, but the direction Japan is trying to lead under his presumable guidance... is just wrong. I believe the best thing he could do not only for the nation, but himself, right now, would be to stand down in upcoming elections and let the others face the hardships he could not come in terms with.

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I think Abe will be PM again. LDP will keep the majority. But ambitious LDP members may join Koike's new party to crumble LDP. Koike will wait.

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No more, please. Enough already!

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@Bertie, If he does not become PM, next one will be from Yamaguchi Prefecture. it is hard for J politicians to become PM in Japan if they come from other preferences.

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Not so hard if you are involved with Nippon Kaigi as we have had a few LDP/NK PMs..plus being related to a past PM helps as pedigree is a big factor trumping ability or sence.

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What ever happened to Koizumi Jr? Has he given up on trying to climb the greasy pole?

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The Osaka school scandal could well destroy his dreams.

M3M3M3, Koizumi J got divorced while his wife was pregnant. Apparently he has never met his son and does not even want to.

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@M3M3M3 - it is a good question - I am not in favor of familial dynasties however (as we have/had in the U.S.).

I would love to see Tokyo Governor Koike get into the mix, however I think the needs to clean up Tokyo first.

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Koike support. At least a half of voters are women. Also, she knows SDF roles. Some people think Nippon Kaigi existed many years but there was no Nippon Kaigi which just is donation begged.

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Abs san LDP governments time is up...

Japan sorely needs a new visionary political party, with policy programmes that can steer Japan's economy to a future of sustainable growth, that will encourage re-population and put families first. Hobbled by years of inertia dependent on protectionism, every economic sector is unable to find the courage or the expertise from Government to reform and restructure.

One fact Japan does not need a rabid right wing agenda to revise the constitution’s pacifist Article 9 to defend itself.

What is so woefully regrettable and disillusioning is Abe san had all the political acumen, shrewdness, and command, to achieve so much more.

Abe san failed by willingness to allow one foot to ideologically drag the otherbackyards. Instead of dispensing with the bedraggled effects of right wing factions within his cabinet, all those incompetent Diet snoozers, Abe san allow them to prevent an agenda for change.

With the deepest respects for Japans First Lady Akie Abe, what possessed her political compass not to realize that becoming involved with Yasunori Kagoike, administrator of Moritomo Gakuen would have damaging repercussions on her husband premiership is incomprehensible.

It all smacks of arrogant conceit. I am not convinced that popular Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike hold all the answers, sorry, hopefully I am wrong.

A shame also Renho Murata Democratic party has failed to produce any meaningful policies in opposition, so Abe san path is open to extend his run.

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Power gets corrupt. Abe's right wing tendency invited the scandal.

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Its obvious he created that job for his wife as headmaster at the school and gave the land to them through BS "clean up" money. He needs to be put in jail.

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He must be paranoia on right wing. Kish was almost killed by right after he met Eisenhower and returned to Japan.

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I appreciate that he's strengthened Japan militarily, which I think is important during this period. But the 1930s nationalism style shows he's very outdated. There are better more modern ways to be patriotic and strengthen your populace. Blind nationalism and racism is the Way of the fool!

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More Abe San, yes please I look forward to scrounging vegetables, organic matter as I burn my wages for heat. Sending my grandchildren off to war is my greatest pride there is no down side to our dear leaders heaven sent mission.

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gaijintraveller -

re M3's comment - "What ever happened to Koizumi Jr? Has he given up on trying to climb the greasy pole?"

and your answer, - "Koizumi J got divorced while his wife was pregnant. Apparently he has never met his son and does not even want to."

you are correct, but I think M3 was referring to Shinjiro Koizumi, the 2nd son who is now well established in the politico world and is surely being groomed as a future prime minister. Some polls rank him as the most popular ldp politician.

And yes it's true, Koizumi took the older 2 sons when he left his pregnant wife, and apparently has never met the youngest (now 24) though only living kms apart.

And while some ldp members don't like Abe and would love to see him go, they don't want to rock the boat (for the sake of their own positions) and I suspect Abe may be in our faces for some time to come.

It all depends on how thorough the opposition can keep researching, pressuring and presenting the issues over the obviously incestuous comings & goings of the "School Scandal", forcing the lords into a corner.


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Former priministers who had longest years as PM. Eisaku Sato hoist Abed granduncle. Next long time ago, he was from Yamaguchi Prefecture. Abe will make record.

Koizumi's grandfather changed his occupation to become politician and became Postal minister. First job. He owned yakuza kumo. He had tattoos and his nick name was Irezumi Daikin. Tattoo was so called Marinara mon mon.

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Well, if you're not allowed to be voted, vote yourself in. Hell, why not restrict PMs to former PM's offsprings only? You can get away with murder here because people are so apathetic.

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Abe would also focus on reviving an economy faced with deep-rooted problems of an aging, shrinking population, he said.

You mean Abenomics wasn't focused enough? I shudder to think what's next up his sleeve!

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At least Abe's grandfather was not Yakuza boss.

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We've already had too much of Abe and his like. Enough is enough.

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PM Abe should revise Art 9 and other provisions of Japanese pacifist constitution creating hurdles in smooth functioning ,in one shot to end such hurdles once for all. His term should be increased to FIVE years instead of three years at present to enable him to complete his unfinished agenda and commitments made to the people of Japan.

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Abe's third term is likely but not guaranteed.

The greatest threat to Abe will be Ms Koike, Tokyo Governor. She cannot become PM herself because she will be busy as Tokyo Governor for next few years, but she can mobilize, like no other, political forces not only from within LDP but also from other parties such as Komeito, DPJ, Ishin-no-Kai as well as non-affiliates.

A greatest help to Abe can be China. If China makes any stupid mistake with Japan in security issues, Abe's reign will be guaranteed. China's mistakes may even help Abe to achieve his ultimate political goal - changing the pacifist constitution for good.

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Abe can't revise Act. 9 as there is a procedure in Place thay needs to be followed incl. approval by a majority of citizens.

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Longer terms mean preventing new leaders from developing, may also lead to ethical issues?

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He will be PM but while will be struggling hs personal mess, Koike will be readfy with her new Party. She has one advantage. She will have plenty experiences and understanding of prefectural government operation. Time to switch to let an experienced female to govern Japan. Amaterasu was woman. So were Jingo Kougou.

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He will be PM but while will be struggling hs personal mess, Koike will be readfy with her new Part

Ha! Replace one NK member with another!

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@pokey:Koike's name is not on NK membership list. Don't you be bothered will NK trying to collect donations? Why you creating lies of organixationnwho have expert hackers and potential criminals? Be careful.

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I understand the rule change has been passed, so Abe san can, if chosen, serve a third term. Not totally sure the TV in the Izakaya is inaudible.

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It is a good chance to Dem. Party to grab leadership but it hasn't scouted conscientious LDP members yet. So these LDP members may join the new Koike movement to wait after Abe.

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Abe has shot at extended PM run

morning sickness...

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Nk sht three missiles in the directions toward China, S Korea and Japan. The reaction of Abe will influence Japanese people's mind. After all Nippon Kaki is not Gainin Kaigi It will influence mind of native Japanese. .

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