Abe heads to Trinidad and Tobago


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'Abe, whose five-country visit comes on the heels of Chinese President Xi-jinping's..'

He's Voldermort...No, he's Voldermort...

Small third world nations and economies have never had it so good since Japan and China started their petty bickering and tit for tat competitiveness.

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Trinidad and Tobago is not a 3rd world nation or economy. It is one of the most developed countries in the western hemisphere. Surprisingly, for a tropical archipelago, tourism plays little part in its GDP as the rich don't want visitors. Abe will be on a nice junket vacation to this place. The deals are already signed and he will have little work to do but run his toes in the sand.

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Meanwhile, the not-yet-released "third arrow" lies hidden in a closet somewhere, where it is slowly rusting away...

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Abe is definitely making his rounds traveling how does he get anything done!!

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It seems Abe has some excellent PM Aides in his office. I checked the islands info. The countries might have grudege against Spanish invaders but not Japan, anyway, Whatever countries he goes, Japan gains friendship beside industrial relation. Very busy PM. He must be enjoying cuisines of host countries every day.

IIt is an industrial island with a diversified economy, based to a large extent on oil, natural gas, industry and agriculture. It is one of the leading gas-based export centres in the world, being the leading exporter of ammonia and methanol and among the top five exporters of liquefied natural gas. This has allowed Trinidad to capitalise on the biggest mineral reserves within its territories. It is an oil-rich country and stable economically

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Abe is just trying to compete with China. As the article says 'on the heels of President Xi-jiping'. The view that he has excellent aides is completely subjective and is yet to be substantiated by objective fact. Perhaps in five years time when and IF long term growth has been acheived it might be possible to pass judgement on Abe"s performance. Looking back seven years ago one sees a PM who apologized and gave the nation more information about his bowel movements than it needed. With that in view, it is hard to see this effete political blue-blood as a hero in a country where society is reluctant to give the common man a second chance, while celebrating Abe as a hero.

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Notice countries Abe visits and get a good economic and industrial growth agreements. Mexico, now these two countries. All oil rich countries. Japan can purchase their oils. China wouldn't. Not only that, Japan has problems with nuclear energy plants. What kind of energy Japan and Japan Inc looking for? Oil? Good thing China visit these countries ahead of Japan. Japan just goes wherever China went. Japan want to buy oil, these country want to sell oil.

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This is what you call high level diplomacy. If people can just get past their bias on "all politicians are evil" then maybe we can judge such visits with a neutral view. Japan for the first time in a long time is reaching out to other countries to form strategic and economic partnerships. Energy is the lifeblood for all modern economies and these meetings are one step closer to tying said countries together. There are ways for countries of the world to peacefully come together to gain mutual benefits. Yes, this is possible without using the threat of military strength to do so.

If all economic powerhouses of the world conducted business in such ways, maybe we can stop this arms race and put an end to war and suffering.

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@5eriouslyJUL. 29, 2014 - 02:02PM JST

If all economic powerhouses of the world conducted business in such ways, maybe we can stop this arms race and put an end to war and suffering.


Excellent analysis and comment !

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