Abe in Kenya to launch summit on African development


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Probably handing out money like confetti just like when Mgabe came to Japan.

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Abe is certainly racking up the frequent flyer points. He was in Brazil last Sunday, came back to Japan on Tuesday, went to Singapore on Thursday and then continued on to Kenya.

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Apparently Kenya is the third most corrupt country in the world.


I wonder how much of our pension fund disappeared in this little junket?

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SWAMI'S THOUGHTS ON THE SUBJECT: This move by Japan to explore African market is in the right direction but maybe Japan could consider joining hands with India which is also working in the same direction. An African summit attended by several heads of States from Africa was held recently in India followed by Prime Minister Modi's tour of Africa not long ago. With Japan and India already co-operating in various fields this would be an addition to that increasing list of co-operative efforts by both the countries!

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Its a good move but I really do think that making Kenya the center of this scheme is a step in a suspiciously wrong direction, there are much larger economies on the African continent where initiatives would bear greater fruit despite the ever-present scourge of corruption.

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How times have changed, the japanese have long and continue to perceive Africa as a country rather than a continent made of different countries with divergent customs. To most Japanese even company heads Africa is very far from Japan, to most Africa is on another planet. It is interesting to see how many J-companies will rush to cash in to the 30 billion USD that Abe pledged today in nairobi as infrastructural loans to Africa.

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I wish Japan and other developed nations assist Africa with leadership and managerial skills before giving out aid. We in Africa are very poor in strategy and fighting corruption. No wonder we remain 'Third world' countries.

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Africa: "We are rich in gold, diamond, silver, you name it, but not roads to transport them"

Japan, China, US, Europe: "here's XXX billion, give us rights to dig those out"

Africa: "okay!"

J, C, U, E: "make sure we tell the press, it's for infrastructure development 'kay ?"

African leaders enriched themselves by selling their own people as slaves, I wouldn't expect otherwise.

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Man Kenya: I wish Japan and other developed nations assist Africa with leadership and managerial skills

I promise you, you don't want to look to Abe for Leadership, management, or skill.

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Abe can name African countries grow without inviting India and other poor countries in the world. He is showing his leadership now.

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