Japan enters cooperation pact with Baltic countries


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Watch out! Free trade with Japan is not actually free trade, what about beef, grain and other agricultural products? Japan has many so called hidden trade barriers that inhibit and restrict imported products - thus greatly driving up the cost of imported goods.

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Awful timing, poor or even an miscalculation of/to future political influence.

Essentially the government of china, a belt 'n' blaggers road to thievery.

Yes,  frankly a blatant to attempt to exploiting the multitude of political and economic weaknesses of an European Union that will ultimately be at the hegemony of a resurgent government of china, and Russian Federation (Nord Stream 2) at the expense politically and economically of foolishly european commission expansion east without any consideration for or to the long term implication.

Now add to this, a German government hobbled, about to replace a grand coalition with an alliance of losers.

Abe san is in the wrong place at the most inappropriate time.

Abe san must warn and persuade the Baltic regions of the chinese governments deception for others tofoot the bill without recourse to an legal compensatory scheme.....

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Putin desperately wants to reconquer the Baltic nations, so anything that strengthens ties with them makes it harder for him to do that.

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This is a visit to EU as well asNATO countries and its not Centralasia aslast year.

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Putin desperately wants to reconquer the Baltic nations

Nonsense. What for? In Soviet times the Baltic republics had two selling points: highly developed manufacturing industry and good sea ports. Now the manufactury is dead, they killed it in favor of EU subsidies, and the Russians were clever enough to build their own ports. In 2020 EU will stop paying the subsidies and then it will be over for them - no work, no future. Young people are leaving the three republics in masse, they've lost about twenty percent of the population due to emigration.

Abe is losing time and squandering our tax money on this visit, there is nothing of interest there for Japan.

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