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A man watches a TV news showing footage of Saturday's military parade in Pyongyang while reporting North Korea's rocket launch, in Tokyo, Sunday. Image: AP

Japan planning for refugees in event of Korean crisis


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Kind of old news, but yes prudent steps for Japan to take in light of current developments.

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You mean Japan might be MORE xenophobic from now???

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"On Friday, the NSC (Abe's National Security Council) members discussed how to deal with a possibility that armed North Korean soldiers pretending to be refugees may try to enter Japan, Kyodo News reported. According to one scenario, a U.S. military action sends a massive number of North Korean refugees to the Japanese coast in boats, but some armed soldiers hiding among them could plot terrorist activities after landing, Kyodo said."

This statement made me laugh. Sure guys, that may happen.

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Awww thanks dear leader. Let's not give a toss about fellow citizens affected by the tsunamis and quakes and pander to the foreign audience by pretending to actually give a damn about Korea. Seriously, thanks!!

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This is so depressing.

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Nothing to be laughing about. These are the same issues that South Korea has been dealing with for a much longer time and on a bigger scale.

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Monday that Japan's government is drawing up contingency plans in case a crisis on the Korean Peninsula sends an influx of refugees to Japan.

I'm sure that after seeing the results of the Japanese government's handling of the Fukushima refugees, any potential refugee from the Korean Peninsula will be thrilled.

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In the event of a "Korean crisis" I think Japan's greatest concern ought to be the possibility that N. Korea chooses to make any "engagement" a murder-suicide pact. I rather doubt that Kim will accept being defanged by the U.S. or anyone else without first inflicting maximum pain on the S. Korea and Japan for good measure. Further, China and maybe even Russia are unlikely to sit idly by while the U.S. destroys N. Korea's offensive capabilities.

Like Iran, N. Korea doesn't want a nuclear arsenal so that it can attack S. Korea or the U.S. Iran and N. Korea want this so as to minimize the possibility of a first strike by the U.S. knowing full well that were they to launch a warhead toward the U.S. it could mean complete annihilation of their respective nations. I don't believe N. Korea is close to building a targetable ICBM, which is actually more difficult than building a nuclear warhead. If they have something that can hit North America, at this point it's probably more like a V-bomb than a precision weapon and may fly so relatively slow as to be interceptable.


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Be ready to face a war. Both countries are ready. Unless Russia, China, and Japan soften their mind,, both believe they will win.

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The biggest problem with NK having nukes is real life potential that they will sell them to other radical governments. That is what they do with their missile technology selling them to all after showcasing them by actual launch. That is their highest export item after all.

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N Korea stated if attacked. Trump says he is ready to attack. The kanjis on photo are nust explaining new noorthpold le ty'e two etc.

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Japan will welcome N K refugees. I think Trump will attack first.

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Prepare for the worst and hope for the best - just as the good old saying says.

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Hope Trump aides now know where N Korea is. don't want they order shoolting Japan. Ennololugh with Hiroshima and Nagasaki for nuclear weapons.

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if we use japan'S 15 year track record on refugees, i suppose we can expect japan to actually accept around 100 refugees out of 100,000 refugee applicants, plus an additional 1,000 or so who the courts will force through

abe you should just shut up, everything you say is a lie

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They will probably be moved into the houses the Fukushima people are being kicked out of.

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