Abe keen to cut corporate tax rate, says Suga

By Linda Sieg and Yuko Yoshikawa

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I wish Abe was keen to cut the consumption tax rate, that would boost consumers' purchasing power and stimulate the economy.

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Way back when he first came up with this 'third arrow' its main selling point of cutting corporate tax was so corporations could increase salaries to compensate workers for the increase in sales tax. However, I see no mention of this point in this article. It seems the public have been duped once again.

17 ( +19 / -2 )

Great news! Disillusioned, this article may not mention it, but that is definitely the plan. If it doesn't work out, Abe can chastise companies and be seen as a champion of the people. But what really needs to happen is further unlocking of shareholder value.

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I feel very happy that companies will get a tax break, I'm really happy I get the opportunity to make up the short fall with my own taxes, while receiving no benefit at all. That's just GREAT.

14 ( +16 / -2 )

Good god this guy is insane, raises sales taxes, given billions dollars of "construction" money to companies then lowers their taxes!

16 ( +17 / -1 )

Gogogo - was there ever any doubt that's what Abenomics has always been about?...achieve inflation at all costs so govt. debt can decrease on paper, give tons of taxpayer money to the LDP business cronies in the form of project contracts and corporate tax cuts and screw the middle and lower class of J- population who wwith their shooganai " attitude and a.bit of a help from spin doctors and complacent media can be so easily contrrolled? This is one amazing country.

19 ( +20 / -1 )

The story of humanity, less taxes for the rich, higher for the poor.

13 ( +13 / -0 )

NICE! Not that the likes of us will benefit from this in any way, though. Or does anyone REALLY believe companies will use the tax cut to raise their wages? Dream on... Just higher dividends for the shareholders, as usual.

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Serrano: The idea here is to cut the 35% corporate tax rate to get investment into the country , you can stimulate an economy by bringing money in (foreign valuables) and spreading it around in (domestic), people pockets, in turn they will still spend their new wealth even if sales tax was at 15 % , I don't think you or your followers understand the difference in stagnation , decline and deflation in the cost of running Government or "Boost up sales tax spending" by people using the services provided by law & order in the running of a country.

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Abe has already cut the corporate tax rate by getting rid of the 2.25% surcharge for the so-called 'reconstruction' of Tohoku, while keeping the public locked into paying the same surcharge . . . for the next 25 years!

70% of businesses in Japan do not pay any corporate tax either because they are too small or because they are in the red. So this tax cut will only benefit the very large profit-making corporations, the majority of whom tend to invest outside Japan and openly admit that they do not intend to raise wages. Eh?

The public is paying to keep the LDP in power and their corporate owners rolling in cash. The LDP does not care what happens to the economy. Even if it fails, they believe the public will bitterly swallow their lame excuses and keep putting up with them. Many decades have proved them right in this belief.

16 ( +17 / -1 )

I consider myself one of the elite, I'm in a position to be able to buy a two way service not stuck in the middle of a war torn country or trekking to another country with a few belongings looking for shelter.

-13 ( +0 / -13 )

Cut taxes for corporations and tax the people.

6 ( +8 / -2 )

spot people on here with no money

-9 ( +2 / -11 )

Shinzo Abe robbing from the poor with the increased sales tax and rewarding the wealthy so they continue to support him. Clever, clever, naughty fellow but it wouldn't work. His time has come to face the music and it will be real soon. Mr. Sugar however will still be playing his tune even when the ship is already sinking.......

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@keika1628: Huh? Please explain what you mean. Two way service?

0 ( +1 / -1 )

I think he means shafting his workers while increasing his profits. That's two way service.

10 ( +11 / -1 )

People here do know that only 1/3 of companies pay this tax currently, right? Because only 1/3 are profitable at all (though this will presumably change now that the yen is not in such a terrible place. It does help companies like ours, and we in turn hire more employees.

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I think keika is trying to make the point that anyone living in a 1st World Country should consider themselves fortunate.

Still, while one can bring up theory to prop up this idea, it is difficult not to be suspicious of this explicit release of the rich from their taxes while charging the poor and middle classes.

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I wonder why Abe's party is called "Liberal" and "Democratic" when it is clearly neither.

Abe is ultra right-wing, bordering on fascist.

His plan, with the TPP is simply to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

If the TPP is so good, how come the secrecy?

What are they hiding?

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If Abe joins the TPP, then it will prove that he is nothing but America's lackey.

I think it's getting increasingly clear that Abe is only doing what he is being told to do by the Washington.

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why not reduce personal taxes and increase corporate taxes. It's people that matter the most

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I don't think there's any real secrecy around the TPP negotiations. A lot of people are simply not interested in the small details. They know they're in the right hands, the hands they elected, and they rightfully trust them to get the job done on their behalf.


I would argue against any tax raises, ever, across the board. But if there has to be a raise, it should not be in corporate tax. It's not fair to punish success. That only makes it harder for companies to grow and hire more people. The income gained through reductions in corporate tax far outweigh any losses in these tiny increases in personal or consumption tax.

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The TPP was non an American concept. They came to it late in the picture. Abenomics depend on corporate leaders using the tax cuts and benefits to increase wages. If they do the concept has a chance of succeeding, If they don't it won't. Simple

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Peter Payne you are wasting your time, most people on here whining about taxes are all economic refugees . Mavericks like myself will always be hated but who cares when we have enough money to pay our way.

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

Do Abe and his cronies want to see the acceleration of population decline in Japan that badly?

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