Abe leaves for Europe to explain 'Abenomics' at G8 summit


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“With lighter rules on firing employees, Japanese electronics, for example, can stop producing televisions forever, burning away their profits, and shift swiftly to a new business,”

And, there is the punchline right at the end. Bring on the mass unemployment and increased poverty while the fat cats increase their profits and the expense of the workers. Abenomics!

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sure these memebrs are in a learning mood?

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Watch your moth Mr. Abe

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Let's hope he doesn't get giggled at too.

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What we will see here in Japan (on TV & in the press) is Abe backing his policies. Also what we will see is a promising outlook for his policies and his Liberal Democratic Party. Moreover, what we will see will be more promises in his bid to score big in the Tokyo Metropolitan election on the 23rd and the House of Councillors election next month. It all adds up to pro-LDP politics in general.

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I hope he lies well. Rule 1 of international economics is that for someone to win someone else has to lose, and there's no point in stealing from the poor (non G8 countries), so if he tells that what he's REALLY up to they'll take that information and use it against him, guaranteeing that he fails.

If, however, he lies well, then he can shrug and apologise later while Japan rakes in the cash.

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Abenomics, what kind of word this is? economy is a vast subject and there are terms which could be used for the current measurements.

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Hope he doesn't forget to tell them how he's losing support, and his policies are starting to backfire. Dollar now at 94 and dropping, backers backing out, etc.

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"Hello Europe! Well you see, it's like this; It's kind of like a pyramid scheme but uniquely Japanese. You wouldn't understand. Thank you".

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Taking an interpreter I hope. His English is truly painful to listen to. 45 minutes of this is a real challenge. Maybe it's a clever ploy because if you actually try to listen to him he is just waffling a load of superlative heavy pledges.


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The fact is that the Japanese economy has been in the doldrums for over two decades. Abe comes along with a plan to revive it, and the early signs indicate that his plan might actually work (the increase in exports, the rise in the stock market, growth revised upward, etc.) Yet the comments here are mainly derogatory, from cheering for Abe to fail or poking fun at his English skills. Very strange.

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The stock market never climbed 80%. Please check your facts before you write such nonsense.

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Abe's nomics, what a laugh, what a joke! The japanese "economy" cannot be fixed, it's hopeless however you look at it. I am just glad that I have made my ton of cash and can soon be out of here. Feel sorry for foreigners stuck here for the duration.

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umbrellaJun. 16, 2013 - 12:08AM JST

"Abe's nomics, what a laugh, what a joke! The japanese "economy" cannot be fixed, it's hopeless however you look at it. I am just glad that I have made my ton of cash and can soon be out of here. Feel sorry for foreigners stuck here for the duration."

So long, goodbye, good riddance. Wish I could say it was nice knowing you, but it wasn't. I know you are very rude, but please don't slam the door on the way on the way out. Please do not return. But perhaps you could explain how you made your "ton of cash" if the economy is so hopeless? I do hope you made it by some lawful endeavor, not illegally. Your comment does sort of beg the question though--if you hate the place so much why did you ever bother going there in the first place, and why did you stay long enough to make your "ton of cash?"

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“I will restore a strong economy. I pledge to increase the per-capita gross national income by no less than 1.5 million yen over the next ten years.”

This is really quite irresponsible for a PM to say. There is absolutely no way he can credibly make those sorts of promises. Nobody knows how the economy is going to look in ten years, and his government will be long gone by then. Sadly, this is just more of the same vacuous non-commital noise designed to calm financial markets, but ultimately there has to be some serious and credible detail behind this government's plans.

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This is a great timing of G8 Summit to The US Fed Meeting next week. It is very interesting.

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He should say "Shut up! Shut up!" to other representatives if they try to giggle at his foolish plan.

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If Obama doesn't want to meet Abe on the sidelines of the summit meeting, Abe can meet Putin. LNG from Qatar which US does not buy anymore will be sold to EU letting Russian LNG be oversupplied in the market. Make friends to Russia and measure how serious US wants to sell its shale gas to Japan. Also be friends to France which has a vast EEZ in the Pacific Ocean having in mind China. And will he go to North Korea too? Even his wife Akie san attended a party hosted by the Chinese ambassador in Tokyo and had a good time during her husband's lone visit to America in last March. Abenomics seems to be an omnidirectional diplomacy.

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I think ABE tried to apply the US " Yes we can" , but in Japanese it turned out to be an only "I will".

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