Abe likely to appoint LDP veteran Aso as finance minister


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Aso....what is this? Experience is all well and good but Aso, like Abe, was a spectacular failure. Where's Mori these days? Surely a man of his outstanding incompetence has something to offer.

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Aso....what is this? Experience is all well and good but Aso

Aso is the only person who has cash handouts experience :) hope he will repeat same performance but with bigger amount this time !!

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Sweet lord, here we go! Cue musical chairs music. Two of the nations biggest failures 'leading' the nation.

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6 months ago, I would have been the first to slam Abe and the LDP in any election. However the ineffectualness of the DPJ, means that at this moment I would rather give Abe and Aso and other LDP politicans the opportunity. I actually rate Aso as a thinker and for all his criticisms as Prime Minister, would you rather have him as Finance Minister or Jun Azumi or Koriki Jojima, the two failed Finance Minister's under Noda?

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Tick tock. Aso will be gone in six months after he screws up. Abe in a year. Failure is being rewarded by the voters of Japan unfortunately.

Obviously this is payback for Aso supporting Abe to become LDP leader. A lump of clay would do better at Finance Minister.

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As prime minister, Aso merely watched as Japan continued its drop down the drain ... then grimaced as Minshuto crushed his failed party at the polls. Can he possibly do better this time around? As low as Japan has plummeted, anything positive will look good. But is Aso the one to do stop the slide? Well, if Abe does pick him to be finance minister, let's hope these guys make some right decisions for once ...

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So it's Ishihara that will be Minister of Foreign Affairs ? I thought that was Aso's part. And Mrs Tanaka the one of Justice ? The Hatoyama brothers, well, the one married to the Martian could be Ambassador in Washington, the other in Pekin... Just looking for ideas, we are doing the casting for "The Ring 3 ", no ? No ? Ooops sorry.

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Abe in a year

You think he will last that long??

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When Aso was prime minister, he launched massive economic stimulus packages to combat the 2008-2009 financial crisis, but his efforts were overshadowed by gaffes, scandals and policy flip-flops

Then he's the perfect choice for the job. My gosh, Japan truly is in much worse shape than many folks on JT, like myself fear. Bad enough that the country has turned back to the LDP and a re-cycled Abe, but add Aso to the mix and it really is very depressing. Guy has not had an original thought in decades. At a time the country desperately needs new and fresh thinking, they are going in the opposite direction -- the LDP and Japan Inc. in collusion to pave over every square inch of Japan to keep the folks believing everything is fine.

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earth to abe!! Earth to abe!!!

NEWS FLASH! Just because someone has experienced a job DOESNT make them necessarily a good candidate!

aso..........................abe are you outta your mind! This is one sick sick joke in the making OMG!

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Aso is a spoiled rich boy, a buffoon who mangles his own language when speaking. Making him finance minister is like some kind of horrible parody of a Mel Brooks' musical comedy. "Springtime for Taro!"

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Finance Minister. Some of that kanji might be tough.

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Reminds me of that scene in the movie Slap Shot when they introduce all those notorious goons from past lore.

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"Aso is a spoiled rich boy"

What do you want him to do, give all his money away?

One good thing for most people that's already happened - the almighty yen has finally started to weaken.

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@Serrano 'What do you want him to do, give all his money away?' Aso is a Christian. Jesus said to give all you own to the poor. I don't remember any verses relating to incompetent failures returning to high office.

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O.B. - as in Oh Boy, it's already started...

Next Mori and Fukuda will be posing in their penguin suits on that staircase!

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Abe cannot do anything without Aso. Give it 3-months and more than likely Ishihara will become the new prime minister.

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Oh dear. Aso's big mouth should see him out of office within a month. Wasn't he even less popular than Abe as prime minister? Aso has experience, but is a proven failure. Why would you choose someone you know is useless for an important job? If Abe cannot explain that, he will have to resign too.

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