Abe mocked on Twitter over use of props to explain security bills


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Just shows further proof how Abe views the public here, and his arrogance as well.

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Abe and his ultra-nationalists have already done considerable damage to the nation.

And his silly analogies, . . does he think everybody is simple-minded?

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Japanese Twitter users were howling in derision Wednesday after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe used paper models and cut-out firefighters on television, in his latest attempt to explain controversial security legislation.

This patronizing Sesame Street depiction of self defense is pretty much the go-to strategy in Japan when it comes to pundits explaining weighty topics to the public. Standard operating procedure.

This infantile approach reminds me very much of the cartoon caricatures in the brochure on child abduction and the Hague Convention released by the foreign affairs ministry. Silly.

This would be appropriate if Abe were addressing an elementary school audience, but he should not talk down to an adult audience. The Twitter user remarks quoted in this article came from the English-speaking community (@cassiuscanelo and @lautrea), but the Japanese public should also show outrage and demand adult-level communications from its public officials.

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But! Japanese firefighters can put out American fires! It's just the Japanese military cannot! His analogy is so far off track it is laughable! He would have been better off showing the real reason using cardboard tanks and paper airplanes. And, let's not forget the fact that, one of the main reasons he wants to change article 9 is so Japan can get a slice of the multi-billion dollar international arms trade, which he is so careful not to mention. Within a few weeks of changing it, which he will do regardless of public opinion, he will be offering Japanese weapons to anyone who wants them.

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I really like how Abe shows a map with Japan having a Japanese flag and the US war ship having a US flag, then he put a scull & cross bones picture to show China. I didn't realize China changed their flag to that of pirates?

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does he think everybody is simple-minded?

Does anyone really have to ask this question? I would think that it's rather obvious how Abe views the Japanese public, and his place in history. He has said that "history" will prove him right, like his grandfather, but he fails to get the details right and lives with his head in the clouds.

My disdain for Abe is well known here, and I have said numerous times that he has no leadership skills, even though he is the leader of Japan. He proves it more and more by actions like this.

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I dobt know why Liberals netizens dont want abe to push the bills. GO FOR IT ABE. Japan should be strong enough to defend itself from China and Russia

You're right, which is why they have a self-defence force. And they are already allowed to defend themselves using the SDF. Changing the bills has nothing to do with this, the goal of changing the bills isn't to defend themselves. If that was the goal, there would be no need to change anything.

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Is this what Abe means when he says he will "clearly explain" his bills? A third-rate puppet show by a third-rate prime minister.

Article 9 of the constitution states "the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes."

This means Japan cannot assist the US in their bombing of assorted bearded types in the middle east. The US is using force to kill those who oppose it; it is illegal for Japan to assist them. There is absolutely no threat to Japan from the goings-on in the middle east, so the "self defence" argument has no merit at all.

Abe's "re-interpretation" of article 9 is illegal and nonsensical.

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Abe is just totally out of touch with reality.

He has NO idea what people think, feel or understand.

Get rid of him now!

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..What i wouldn't give for Japan to have an equivalent of the Daily Show on air....

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Abe is stupid enough to think Japanese are stupid to be explained using his toys. Japan doesn't need explanation; just wants Abe and cronies, the US puppies, out of the government.

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I particularly like the colostomy bags coming out of the houses and hovering over the town like a blobbish-crap-cloud. He's sold me. We need a strong coalition to wipe that sucker out!

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This is how stupid Abe thinks you all are.

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Overchan: I dobt know why Liberals netizens dont want abe to push the bills. GO FOR IT ABE. Japan should be strong enough to defend itself from China and Russia.

Hear, hear and I expect your children to be first in line at recruiting center. For the rest of us, we do not want our children fighting in US wars that have nothing to do with Japan. Plain and simple, that is if you are literate in Japanese to read protest posters and news sites giving the opposition side of the issue. Abe wants to seal a legacy and that is all he cares about. He failed on the economics, what happened to the 3 arrows? Don't hear about it any more. So he will use scrapping Article 9 to do so. He cares nothing about the precious lives of young Japanese. That is the issue.

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Yes, they do! I really think that they feel this is the best way to try and "educate" the populous. And the scary thing is that a lot of people will now side with him, even though his explanation is deceiving and false.

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Ah well, but TBH I swear most Japanese TV on most channels treat Japanese viewers like they're completely handicapped. I have Japanese friends who say they never watch Japanese TV because they think it makes them stupid

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What a moron

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What an embarrassment of a leader. Puppets? Seriously?

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Woe, just saw that lame vid. (Thanks 4 posting the link) the thought of Abe presenting his own Thomas & Friends show using those ridiculous "props" - Sheesh, Japanese politics really are the Mr. Bean in world opinion.

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I guess the lesson is Article 9 must be protected from a Sesame Street PM.

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Abe wants to LEGO Article 9?

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I live in Nara and this millitary recruitment place opened opposite a kids bus stop recently. It use to be a mobile phone shop. I was shocked. See the link:


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So the fire brigade protects the serial arsonist? Nice.

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Japan has enough fires to put out ==> they don't need to be putting out other's fires.

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At first, when I saw those things that are supposed to represent "fire", I immediately thought it looked like Abe was giving a show and tell demonstration of what his stomach looks like when it's having one of those "aches".

Honestly though, he's presenting this as if the audience are a bunch of stupid idiots. But then again, the same can be described to those who voted for him. If you're dumb enough to fall for that, then I guess it's pretty safe to assume you're dumb enough to fall for this.

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We do love a paper cutout and prop in Japan. my favourites are the boards on the news and current affairs shows that have paper bits over the words and pictures that get pulled off as the presenter explains whatever it is they are wittering on about.... Priceless.

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kazetsukai: "Have you thought of asking why Mr. Abe wanted to or needed to use props?"

No, because it's not necessarily to have THAT explained as well. The reason is clearly that he thinks you and your country people are stupid; you can only read 'books' that are manga, can only understand something if explained, and very, very poorly at that, using puppets. The question is, ARE you that stupid? or is HE just that bad a leader that he thinks as such?

And the analogy is NOT a fireman helping another man put out a fire at his house. The analogy should be a couple of cleptomaniacs who have jobs as home insurers and go around burning down houses owned by rich corporations and filled by people who have no insurance themselves. They are killed or driven out, the house is an insurance right off, and the firemen and women get to go in, pretend they are heroes, make a ton of money with those who own the buildings, and set up shop there.

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Until the opposition parties can manage to get their acts together, we are going to be lumbered with AbeLDP. With his polularity rate plummeting, 60% of the population against the legislation that was rammed through the Diet and the rich getting richer while the rest of the population suffers, and elections slated for December - If that isnt enough incentive I don`t know what is...

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If I didn't know better, this photo could be a Japanese movie director storyboarding the next Godzilla movie,「ゴジラ対生肉プルーム」 (Godzilla vs. Plume of Raw Meat).

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Abe forgot to use the radio antenna with the yellow spongy ball attached and also should have created a mascot for the Article 9 change - then we all would have been happy!! (sounds of Kawaiiiiiiii) - what a simpleton he is.

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Why wouldn't he treat the Japanese public as simple-minded? He swept into office on a wave of popularity, a known quantity from his past stint as PM, and now everyone is shocked and appalled at what he's trying to do? This is a lazy, passive electorate that, yes, at times seems simple-minded and, frankly, childish. The Japanese need to grow up. Try to talk to them about politics and world affairs and all you get is "(suck teeth) That is very complicated. Hard to say," or "I don't really know what to think about such things." Abe is out there putting on these shows now because polls show that people don't understand collective self-defense. I understand collective self-defense. Know why? Because I pay attention. Maybe this kind of humiliation, not to mention getting some things rammed down their throats that they don't want but basically voted for by default, is what these people need to wake them up.

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The reason Abe resorts to such infantilizing displays is because no one pays attention to the grown-up dialogue in this country. People say "He hasn't really explained collective self-defense!" Well, in fact, he has. The people were too busy standing around in conbinis reading manga or learning the dance steps to the new AKB48 video or shopping for keke. So he figures, "Better meet them at their level."

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Under current laws “Japan cannot help the United States extinguish a fire” in an American home, he told viewers of Fuji TV on Monday, gesturing to a large paper house with a U.S. flag.

Oops! Beside the childish use of props, Abe deceived the public by not mentioning that most of the "fires" are the ones the US military makes in the homes of people in other countries and sending in the Japanese military will only add to the flames, not put them out. Military force is gasoline; the peace constitution, water.

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In short, Abe's nationalist strategy is simply a game to keep himself and his LDP upper echelons in power while he makes a fool of every other nationalist in Japan.

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i thought it was a kids playing with his toys...

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Authority always seems to infantilise the people in Japan but I rather think the people are used to it and do not object, these few tweets notwithstanding.

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i think the public already knows that idea, abe. what they don't know is to what extent will japan be invovled in helping an ally. and they also worry that japan might initiate a war, however implausible this might be. produce a document and print it in all the major newspapers, splash it on the internet and send out brochures as to the limits of the defense force. then maybe they will understand.

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In the USA we have Saturday Night Live... they make fun of all the idiotic things that are done on American TV and by politicians. Is there a show in Japan that parodies current events in Japan?

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As I said, Abe and the country he thinks he represents, now stand for: a consitution that has no meaning; a people whose majority voice has no meaning; a people whose lives can be so easily sacrificed (thanks to Abe and America' say-so); a set of bogus security bills that can be easily shoved down people's throats based on bogus misplaced "threats" (the Japan defense white paper released this week BEGS the question: where is the threat??? as the media asks of this white paper... and where is the real China so-called danger??? when China and Japan can deal with emergencies and Japan agreed to China's rightful view/claims of the Diaoyou /Senkaku islands and Japan is not even a claimant in the South CHina Sea issue which China has not/is not militarizing but may be forced to because of Japan/USA's own military action/surveillance and interference etc); a fragile democracy that suppressed the people, etc. Am I missing anything else?

As I also said, Abe changed the Supreme Law/Consitution that belongs to the people as if it was a Lego toy. As his toy-cardboard cutouts kindergarten-type TV explanation prove me right - - he really thinks the Constitution is like a lego toy that he could change to his liking.

To those supporting Abe and his bogus (and very dangerous) security bills: you mean you believe and are confident at his Sesame Street antics and explanations (that are being laughed at by the people, legal experts, journalists, teachers, scholars , EVEN by the SDF members, not to mention China who must be having a howling of a laugh looking at Abe)....? You believe, really, that a house fire is as simple as a war???? Are we all that gullible and easily manipulated in this day and age???? Are we all less intellectual and/or have less common sense than grade-school or even high school kids???

All I can say: Wake up, people, especially to those who are pro-Abe/bogus unlawful security bills.

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Abe's TV sesame street antics have not even an ounce of logic :

If the American house is on fire, that means if it was self-caused (accident), and Japanese house/fighfighters can help control it, why would the security bills be needed?

ANd if the fire to the American house was set out of spite (war) by a third party, obviously the Japanese house could be set on fire too (out of spite/war) if Japanese come "helping" the Americans and if they both set out looking/punishing culprit.... but this also is very gray, because what if the fire was a response to the American's provocative moves/first shot etc.in the first place?, and if so what right would Japan have to punish/attack the party who responded to the provocation.

These are why many questions are making the security bills highly risky, dubious, meaningles and unwanted (plus illegal), as such scenarios are unwanted by the Japanese people... and morever, the China threat is very very flimsy and is misplaced as the people an experts show by rejecting these security bills that are supposed to "protect from China" (even the Japan Defense WHite Paper doesn't show any real danger from China, as the media stated this week).

All in all, it won't be simple as a housefire. The whole block, neighborhood, will burn in flames if Japan gets involved in other party's ambitions/wars/to maintain domination. And Japanse soldiers do not have the stomach to be in a real war, plus their psychology and morale will be so low due to the history issues plus the fact they know these security bills are not lawful.

As I said numerous times in my previous posts in related articles, Abe is using very empty excuses to change and desecrate the Constitution like a Lego toy, and his TV sesame street antics prove this. Just now on TV, people commented that more and more people are so outraged by being treated as if their voice means nothing and now being treated as schoolkids/brainwashed idiots - - and thus Japanese people are rejecting his bogus security bills by a very wide margin (85% totally against, compared to only less than 12% who hesitantly agree, plus 99% of legal experts, professionals, scholars, etc. are against these bills as "not legal and unwarranted")... not to mention these bills clearly against the Supreme Law.

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Abe as Captain Kangeroo. The man is desperate.

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Does anyone have a link to see this performance?

Thank you.

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In the props, America looks like a farm house. I guess this makes some sense since Japan decades back overgrew it population and has since then relied on the rest of the world, especially it's former colonies and then the US breadbasket, to feed itself.

With continued agricultural mismanagement and unaddressed climate change increasing food security issues, Japan may again feel the need to go to war for this purpose, even though war only creates more hunger. Of course Abe wouldn't be so straight as to tell the public this.

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I blame the media for not being tough enough on politicians in general.

I know a lot of them are under the thumb of the government, but there are others who aren't, and they don't ask enough difficult questions / criticize enough in my opinion.

This kind of links to one of yesterday's topics on JT about hierarchical structures in Japan - if no one is willing to stand up and speak out critically about Abe / the actions of politicians - then the whole problem starts there really.

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Does Abe san employ a political press officer or any semblance of a public relations strategy? Toe curling condescension, more than a whiff of distain for the electorate.

The older brother patronizing his young siblings. The propensity to have to lower oneself from a superior position whilst at the same time comically brum brumming with Freddy the fire engine, it's belittling. Does Abe san feel the public at large process the political aptitude and ideology of a nation of nine year olds?

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Collective self-defense is sending Japanese firefighters to America. Guess Abe will have to have firefighter bases there otherwise the houses will have burnt down by the time they get there?

According to the PM's 'Watch with Mother,' it's where the little British, Canadian, French and German firemen live too, all within earshot of the adorable white picket fence, and hoping for a treat of apple pie and lemonade for being such brave little boys.

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I saw this live on TV and almost couldn't believe what at first sight is a patronizing view on Japanese general intelligence. However, at the core his analogy is correct. And going by the anti-military arguments in this country, I can almost understand why Abe has to explain at such an infantile level.

Japan's only a safe place, because there's other countries willing to defend it. It's admirable and idealistic to call for a world without soldiers, but Japanese phobia for militarism can only be maintained by forcing its allies to militarize on its behalf.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Abe is lookng for a new career as a 'Japanese teacher' coz he knows his plan is going tits up....!

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He should pass out the models next time so everyone can play. Anyway, this frees up the anti-nuclear groups to do Youtube videos with volcano science kits. The future looks bright!

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Should've used cute moe moe firefighters manga!

Nobody reads unless there are pretty pretty pictures!

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Does anyone have a link to see this performance?


Here it is (17:49): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4UxxpOz07E

From Fuji TV's "Minna no News — Prime Minister's Studio" (みんなのニュース、総理スタジオ)

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Japanese lacks the precision in expression to just use words, I get that, but talking to the public as if they are children is just patronizing, isn't it?

1 ( +8 / -7 )

These fires are under control...

1 ( +1 / -0 )

At least he did not have any 'Seco-chan' cute mascots to help his presentation! (Seco-chan = Little Miss Security).

1 ( +1 / -0 )

I applaud Prime Minister Abe's efforts to educate the Japanese populace on the security bills, but alas, the medium he chose couldn't have been more condescending. I see only a marionette show rivaling this display.

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Here is a attitude survey about this bills with the popularity most in Jpn web. (until August 5) http://polls.dailynews.yahoo.co.jp/domestic/17822/result ”賛成” is Yes, "反対" is negative.

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What else can you expect him to do when a greater % of the population read anime and buy stuffed toys of characters. Most politicians speak to the people like they re morons becuase most are.

0 ( +3 / -3 )

One thing to say to Abe, "Stay out of Trumpton!"

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So cute.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

(personally I think he did it to ridicule the naysayers)

You know, I was kinda' thinking that too. Thanks for coming out with that thought. Lets hope other world leaders got the memo before Fuji TV originally broadcasted it.

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I went onto the youtube link to see it and I have got to say Abe or his team really should not have put a pirate flag over what is definitely China. Thats no way to improve relations and as the PM of Japan he should know better. However after thinking about it I now actually think this guy wants to start a war. The reason I think that is because I believe he wants to write a new history for Japan where they are not portrayed as the bad guys in history but as defending Japan and democracy.

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Yubaru, he listens public if public say something of his interest.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

The reactions to this farce is uplifting at least. Let's hope they vote, too.

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This thread is for people to freely give their opinions

Well, I just expressed my own opinion, and didn't mean deny people their freedom of speech. Also, I'm not saying that Abe's comparison was good or bad either.

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Kind of thought it was funny for I saw it as mocking the opponents for not understanding such simple concept. House America and House Japan. Next door neighbors. Fire=military attack of the opposition. Fire fighters (water)= defense. If House America's fire isn't contained, it surely spreads to the next door neighbor, jeopardizing the lives of the residents in there. Before, Japanese fire fighters can only extinguish if House Japan catches on fire. Stupid rule to begin with, hence the revised rule.

What a silly attempt to shore up a faulty framework. Think first! How does American's "house" catch on fire in the first place? Do really want Japan to resort to arson just because big brother says so?

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

Japanese lacks the precision in expression to just use words, I get that

Just because you lack the precision in Japanese to express yourself using only words, does not mean Japanese lacks the precision to express concepts purely in words. It's a ridiculous statement.

-2 ( +6 / -8 )

I'm confused. So if my house catches fire here, do I call the Americans or the Japanese?

Anyway, there are obviously some smart Japanese people who saw through this. On the other hand, I just saw a mom in the front passenger seat of a K-car with her 18 month old girl on her lap.

Lots of down arrows for those advocating for the security bills.

I just read how China is going ahead with plans to build a mega city the size of the New England Area linking three provinces, "Beijing with the economic muscle of the port city of Tianjin and the hinterlands of Hebei Province." I know they're building up to 24+ NP Plants. With China growing, and Japan shrinking, some stronger protective measures on the books might be wise, but I have no say anyway. But what worries me more than the security Bills is Japans relationship with the US. America is (the leadership), IMO, on a rampage psychotic destruction. Many of the major foreign policy decisions and actions have displayed a sense of paranoia, as in, Napoleon marching towards Moscow with dreams world hegemony.

Well, the way China is building, it won't be long in the grand scale of things when they become the new superpower, especially if they implement much higher standards for environmental regulations and a standard of living, which they say they want to. The only thing that can stop them is a nuclear war or a US default, and I'm not %100 sure the latter would work. Off to Moscow we go!


-2 ( +1 / -3 )

The props were ridiculous, but IMHO, the whole "security" thing is about China and not helping the U.S. Moreover, to be blunt: If the U.S. bases weren't there in Japan, would there be any resistance to Abe's moves? If the United States weren't there, they're would there be such a thing as the "Japanese Self-Defense Forces"! No. It would be a Japanese Army and Navy and those bases in Okinawa would be occupied by said Army and Navy.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

Abe's TV sesame street antics have not even an ounce of logic

@ringman2. Lmao-

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Abe just tried to explain the essence of this ongoing issue in a simple way, and I believe a comparison is a good way to do that. I don't like it when I hear criticism which is not constructive at all.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

I don't like it when I hear criticism which is not constructive at all.

If you can't handle the heat - get out of the kitchen. This thread is for people to freely give their opinions

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Abe and his ultra-nationalists have already done considerable damage to the nation.

And his silly analogies, . . does he think everybody is simple-minded?

JapanToday posters always crack me up. When being in favour of the right to collective self defense, something enjoyed by every other nation state on Earth, is viewed as being an 'ultra-nationalist', then just what does that make China?

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

Put aside your personal "preferences" and self-righteous and idealized image you are trying to present in these discussions.

This matter is of national importance and not a simple political or self serving presentation by Mr. Abe. As "arrogant" as he may appear to some and incompetent to others,such are public "opinions" that he and his staff must assess for future public appearances.

He is under extreme pressure from all sides, friends and foe included. You and I included do not have the level and extent of information he has with which he made the decisions. He had to communicate it as simply as possible so you and I can understand and by visualization, appreciate the rationale behind it all. As "childish" as it may appear, he got the message across. The "how" is NOT the issue. The "result" which is still pending will be the issue.

The public was made aware. The constitution as good as it is, is not flexible enough for Japan's survival and future security. Regardless of public opinion and international opinion, Mr. Abe clearly illustrated the need for change.

He may have to do some similar or much more radical presentations many, many times before the people of Japan really understand and appreciate his actions, to properly evaluate their options. For that, it cannot be based on opinions or ideals, it must be realistic and practical based on principles within which we can live..

We must now wait for the "result". I hope the people of our host country will make a sound and wise decision. As long as I am living here with my family, what the Japanese people decide will definitely affect my future.

-4 ( +2 / -6 )

So? The use of such props are pretty common on Japanese TV.

-5 ( +5 / -10 )

@nybrotha, I think so too. With China putting out that new bank. They're really on the race to be number one and oust America. The Chinese hunger for money and power is so incredulous and alarming. And with the PM's use of cartoons, some bashers are forgetting they are in Japan that even historical figures' lives are shown in comic books for easier comprehension. Not that the PM is under estimating the bashers' intelligence but perhaps for people like me who aren't that good in understanding Japanese. I do like that kind of reaching out for the common man. Thanks for the link since I have no TV and even with this computer without a certain gadget, I can't watch live TV. I just wonder what those bashers will do if they're face with the threat of China. Sit down and have a dialog with China? It's like a parent talking to a juvenile delinquent. Enough of the bashing. It's really a tough job and a tough decision!

-7 ( +3 / -10 )

What a silly attempt to shore up a faulty framework. Think first! How does American's "house" catch on fire in the first place? Do really want Japan to resort to arson just because big brother says so?

Who cares how America's "house" catches on fire? If not put out, Japan's house and the residents inside catches on fire so why not try to put out the fire?


It's simply amazing that people claim they don't fully understand the bill and yet offered a really dumbed down analogy (personally I think he did it to ridicule the naysayers) and then get offended and starts to complicate the issue even more.

-7 ( +2 / -9 )

I dobt know why Liberals netizens dont want abe to push the bills. GO FOR IT ABE. Japan should be strong enough to defend itself from China and Russia

-9 ( +2 / -11 )

You know, I was kinda' thinking that too. Thanks for coming out with that thought. Lets hope other world leaders got the memo before Fuji TV originally broadcasted it

???? Did you miss the news about Abe and Kishida going around the world notifying them what they're intentions in regards to the expansion of the security bill?


-10 ( +0 / -10 )

For those that l;like to bash...

Have you thought of asking why Mr. Abe wanted to or needed to use props?

While I can understand the various negative opinions that are being discussed here, I find several other perspectives more relevant.

Visual aids, such as props are extremely useful in helping people "imagine" and "feel" any event, idea or concept. It communicates to all age groups and those with different perspectives, extremely well. It was done on television for visual and audio effect, leaving little "doubt" as to what was being present and what was the desired "image".

In a short time frame it is difficult to use sophisticated and technical terms to get any message that requires actual physical "visualization", such as the matter he wanted to present. His method communicated to children as well as seniors who have emotional attachment and physical experience of disasters and wars.

As a communications specialist, I look for the "image" and the very short and easy to understand statements that presented his "perspective", "reasoning" and "rationale." In effect he without pointing at any person or country, described the "need" and the "intent" of the changes he put forth.

On top of all that, if he got "negative" comments, it in fact verifies that those watching did watch and care about the presentation and the contents. So he did communicate; send out his message rather effectively;y.

-11 ( +3 / -14 )

The Japan's peace constition was written with America's intention that Japan should not become a militant power again. At that stage, America did not imagine that Japan would recover from the war disaster and become a country America needs militarily in the future. Time has changed, Abe is doing a right thing to keep regional security together with America. Japan alone cannot counter Chinese expansionism.

-12 ( +10 / -22 )

The point is Abe is right about that the constitution needed to change in order not to be taken over by the China in the future , it's look like their it's people don't understand that the CCP in China wants Japan, Taiwan, Phillipines, Vietnam, Tibet, Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, South North Korea and all territories of Asia under Communist China People control, they don't even like Russia really, but they tolerate them for now, and they can't stand India, so imagine they occupied Japan and these other Asian Countries they would become a real threat of a super power, they already bought alot of real-estate, in Japan, United States, and all other western countries for phase one of their takeover plan, then get the mass control of oil underneath the islands phase 2, then phase 3 make sure they keep their chinese citizen in the dark with false propaganda to have Control of the masses and the final war and conquering of nations and the world the final goal Global Power of the world!

-16 ( +6 / -22 )

Kind of thought it was funny for I saw it as mocking the opponents for not understanding such simple concept.

House America and House Japan. Next door neighbors. Fire=military attack of the opposition. Fire fighters (water)= defense. If House America's fire isn't contained, it surely spreads to the next door neighbor, jeopardizing the lives of the residents in there.

Before, Japanese fire fighters can only extinguish if House Japan catches on fire. Stupid rule to begin with, hence the revised rule.

-16 ( +6 / -22 )

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