Abe mulls Middle East trip in January to explain SDF dispatch


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Correct step to take as Japan has the goal of protecting it's energy pipeline, but at the same time ensuring good relations with all ME countries, including Iran.

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When it comes to the Middle East, Japan is between a rock and a hard place. Replying on those fossil fuel imports for its very existence. But the country should be increasing the use of alternative energies and technologies so that is can at least decrease the size of the imports.

Japan is the world's largest importer of LNG but the greater import is oil at 40% of total energy.

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Just another "get me outa here" ploys.

Parliament closes next week for recess, allowing a respite from the heat of the daily questioning over his money/favors for followers cherry blossom scandal.

And to how better to further distance himself from that, than by going OS to the mid-east no less, to be seen standing with his brave officers (foto op - gee he's a good guy) and be applauded for saving the citizens of Japan by securing oil.

Just a continuation of Abe's carefully choreographed 7 year act to date.

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Hereabouts you visit friends for chrismas

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