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Abe orders new stimulus package after election win

By Stanley White and Tetsushi Kajimoto

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Abe orders Aso to monitor exchange rate, Abe orders Kuroda to release stimulus pack...One man democratic show (!)

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Abe orders new stimulus

Concrete shares skyrocket?

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Abe is just following orders.

This was predicted last week. Bernanke visited Abe and instructed him to go forward with the "Helicopter Money" plan.


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They ought to get the printing presses goin high speed, print heaps of money and get guys on scooters to deliver it like newspapers!

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klausdorthJUL. 12, 2016 - 08:17AM JST

Oh and by the way: this is stimulus package number "what"??? Did we see any positive results from those packages? No Sir, not me Sir!

Abe did. The LDP pulled off a big victory thanks to bribing just enough of the right sort of people.

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Without structural reforms, you can "stimulate" the economy all you want, but you got NOTHING! In particular, you have to reform labor laws. Insecure empolyment (40% of the population) means no marriage, no babies, shrinking population, shrinking economy, doomed Japan.

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More infrastructure?

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Abe orders Aso to monitor exchange rate, Abe orders Kuroda to release stimulus pack...One man democratic show (!)

Then blames Aso and Kuroda for their failure of properly implementing a supposedly-fool-proof Abenomic policy.

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More roads and bridges to nowhere...a sad waste to help his construction buddies. The standard of living will continue to drop for 80%-85% of Japanese. Glad that I changed most of my yen to other currencies earlier this week...

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Some economists say public spending on infrastructure is needed

Other economists have argued the main reason Abe’s policies have disappointed after more than three years in office are a lack of bold steps... structural reforms...

Let's have a poll!

If you agree with the first bunch of economists, and think they are on to something, thumb me down. If you agree with the second bunch of economists, and think the first bunch are nuts for beating a dead horse like this, thumb me up.

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Don't miss it guys, buy nikkei, don't hold too long and sell them sometimes in the future when you think you've made "enough profit" from it.

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More roads and bridges to nowhere? The concrete economy is so last century.

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Hopeless I think With this speed population is shrinking, just imagine If the United States experienced a similar population contraction, it would be like losing every single inhabitant of California, New York, Texas and Florida — more than 100 million people.

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