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Abe outlines targets in latest growth strategy

By Kaori Kaneko

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Keen to hear his new plan regarding immigration, but also worried for small to medium sized businesses and the general population. Right now, the only ones benefiting from Abenomics are the big corporations. Everyone else will have to deal with a weaker yen and rising taxes.

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Magnet What you say may be truth. But in the end Salaries were too high for exporting anything. Maybe now we can compete, now that we get 25% less money.

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Infrastructure exports? As long as Japan opens its doors to infrastructure imports, that would be a good idea.

"This is an era in which you cannot survive tough competition unless you are No. 1 globally"

That's true for Japan, given how its domestic structural inefficiencies drag down growth. It's not an issue for efficient countries, like Switzerland, Canada, Norway, etc., where rank-and-file workers don't need to labor 10 hours a day just to survive.

Clearly, Abe needs to set other priorities that exporting its way out of its problems.

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kiyoshiMukaiMay. 18, 2013 - 10:22AM JST

in the end Salaries were too high for exporting anything. Maybe now we can compete, now that we get 25% less money.

40% of Japanese earn less than Y3,000,000 a year.

14 million Japanese are employed on yearly contracts, with no benefits or bonuses.

Salaries are too low in Japan, that's the real problem. 60% of the Japanese economy is domestic consumption and until the Japanese start to consume, exporting will resolve very little.

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That nod to farms, to me, is very unsustainable. We have a farm industry of older generation farmers working on small plots of land growing amounts that aren't economically viable as a job. The Japanese government already sinks billions to them in subsidies. Offering more then opening the TPP where the import demand on rice is going to skyrocket just makes me think it's going to blow up in the gov'ts face.

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With the tpp when the markets open, we will see cheap rice at half the price. California rice is very good and cheap. I just cant atand seeing these old people without a job. the gobernment will have to buy their rice.

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Haha Japanese people are never going to buy imported rice in large numbers.

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@ Upgrayedd - who is going to grow japanese rice in 20 years? Stooped over 100-year-olds?! Bring on the TPP - scrap those tariffs!

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Farmers' Incomes double in 10 years?

Doesnt Abe mean the cost of food will double or more?

What happened to the 2% inflation figure?

Who will afford the massive price increases?

A future Japan will be one in which only the wealthy can exist and they are in the minority. So watch the money supply explode and the consequent screwing of the Japanese people start!!!!

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Keen to hear his new plan regarding immigration

Don't hold your breath!

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