Abe pays tribute to Nelson Mandela; may attend funeral


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Maybe attend? He should.

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",,,he made a major achievement with focus on the reconciliation of the people."

From the man who seems determined to divide Japan into a nation of haves and have-nots, conformists and outcasts.

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Abe attending funeral? Hypocrite!

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Readers, please stop trying to turn this thread into an Abe-bashing rant.

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He should go. Lots of trade between SA and Japan. his personal opinion of Mandela doesn't come into it.

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He gave a lot for both his country and the humankind. He recently collaborates to raise funds for the international project <ESAGIL.org >that is aimed to create a web-based tool in order to help doctors to improve the accuracy of diagnosis. He was very committed to health issues. He had a son that died of AIDS in 2005 and his second wife also passed away affected by the same disease.

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I think he should wait to be invited. Most unseemly to nominate oneself to a formal occasion.

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Many years ago I went to Osaka with some Japanese friends to hear Nelson Mandela speak in public. I was impressed by the man. He will take a special place in history.

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Nelson Mandela will forever remain an ikon for justice, freedom, and humility.

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Madiba was man, a good man, an amazing man, but still, a man. The way he is portrayd in the media one would think he was a god. He didn't die for my sins. If he rises from the dead in 3 days, maybe I'll have a different tune.

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Abe has expressed a desire to attend the funeral, but that will depend on the current Diet session which was supposed to end today, but which has been extended by a few days, Suga said.

Don't let attending Madiba's funeral become a political expedient for passing a Bill that Mandela would abhor.

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Mr. Abe really should attend his funeral. Mr. Nelson Mandela was a fighter against "the system of while racist rule he called evil." Mr. Mandela is a brave man.

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The man was a terrorist who was part of the terrorist wing of the ANC. Apartheid was vile, but so was this man and his awful wife who were involved in the death and torture of thousands, many children.

He was not a good person and Abe should not go but will to submit to the "modern" and "trendy" way of thinking.

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When Mandela was elected President, he could've made things much much worse. A lot of SA black leaders wanted revenge and blood. But he didn't. Many world leaders could learn from him how to unite opposing sides.

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This song is about Nelson Mandela ( Madiba ).......and not about Black people....just about the struggle for freedom...Mandela's life struggle...R.I.P. Madiba beyond-Glorious years(光辉岁月)

"Glorious Years", a tribute to Mandela's fight against apartheid written by the former Hong Kong rock band Beyond in 1988.

"The meaning given him through his dark skin is the devotion of his whole life to a struggle for all skin colours," wrote the band's late founder Wong Ka-kui.

Mr Mandela is said to have cried after understanding the meaning of Wong's lyrics after his release from prison in 1990,

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I agree that he should wait to be invited. For JP's sake, sending a royal family member to show more respect tto that country.

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Mandela deserves little respect, he was a terrorist thug. Will we be celebrating the death of Gerry Adams in the same way? Maybe not, he is not trendy ( with Americans) any more.

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