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Abe pledges in U.N. speech to work against 'war culture'


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Absolutely, Japan must a have a seat among the permanent security council nations. Japan is emerging as a credible nation that prepare to live in modernity beyond 21th. century. U.N. needs more than reform to serve the world's interest since it is becoming an open book of exploitation by many nations which disregard its founding principle.

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Even when the lion is persuaded to lie down with the lamb, the lamb may not get much sleep.

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Abe and Japan are going to work against a 'war culture' ???.... the reality is that many countries and major companies have a vested interest in maintaining an ongoing war culture ...

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Did they had a choice after they lost war ? The USA with Japan is not France with Germany between world wars.

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What has Japan done exactly to prevent war culture up until now? The constitution forbid them from doing anything militarily, as other countries have shown, throwing money at one country so they can use it responsibly to fight a war is pointless, and Japan bickers with Korea and China and Russia on weekly if not daily basis about reclaiming islands and their own past war cultures.

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Wars often starts with words and through speeches. If he is seroius about what he is saying, he should do something against the hatesspeeches in Japan towards people from other countries. But like so often, Japan is good with delivering nice words but no action to make this words real.

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Japan for centuries knew nothing but a war. It's not overstatement to say that Japan has experienced cultural paradigm shift which began by Japan's defeat in WW2. The notion of eliminating the war culture rises many fundamental questions and should the peace on Earth take roots, we need to adopt to continental or better yet global politics.

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I for one would love to believe that Abe is being sincere in his sentiments, although there clearly is room for healthy skepticism. However, IMO, it is the statement below which makes me question Abe's understanding of his audience:

Japan has pursued a “postwar path abhorring the atrocities of war that brought tragedy to innocent people both at home and in other nations renewing its pledge toward peace,” Abe said

Again, IMO, it is comments phrased like this that makes Japan's position unclear. Respectfully, the rest of the world does not want to hear about "innocent people both at home..." That is exactly why SK and China have problems understanding Japan's true intend when it comes to apologies. Why couldn't he have said "millions of innocent people" and just leave it at that? When you put Japan's "suffering" first and "other nations" second, it sounds like you are not as concerned about their suffering, and continuing to play the victim card. Japanese politicians need to stop phrasing things in a manner that will play best at home, and especially among the right-wingers, and truly reflect on their words and their impact on the world-wide audience if they ever want to attain the international standing they deserve.

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In many places throughout the world with "war culture", the inequality and conflict is connected. There are large inequalities between rich and poor, the latter become frustrated and organize themselves to improve their economic position, if necessary by means of violence. Abe points out of working against 'war culture, but what policies can prevent this? Inequalities can occur between between countries and between cultural or ethnic groups. Looking at inequality between countries essentially means looking at poverty. The risk of civil war is much higher in poor than in rich countries. Abe is probably pointing out that social cohesion enables citizens to live in societies where they enjoy a sense of belonging and trust between each other.

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Abe needs to work on destroying war culture at home first. Fear, dehumanization, hate, all come from ignorance.

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Here's to Japan on the Security Council and China OUT. Can't do anything with them anyways.

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His neo-nationalist rhetoric and push to change Article 9 clearly refutes that he is working against the "war culture", and his ending the decades long ban on weapons sales shows he is definitely working hard for the corporate "war industry". More doublespeak.

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I think Abe's NY trip should be renamed as the "Lip-Service 'N Lies Campaign" because so far he's vowed to help clean up the environment and only run NPPs when all safety measures have been met, knowing not all safety measures have been met but pushing for restarts, he's vowed to make Japan more in tune with the rest of the industrialized world in terms of gender equality, but has merely put a few women whom he knows well as right wingers and NPP addicts in positions of power while not at all addressing things on the ground. And now we have him talking about 'peace' when he has passed laws, against the will of the public, to revise article 9 of the pacifist constitution so that Japan call sell arms to the highest bidder and build an army, join wars, etc., but the man talks of how Japan will help eliminate the 'culture of war'. It's a shame that so many listening to Abe's drivel over the past few days do not know the man for the right-wing hawk he is; a man who revises history, claims certain atrocities never happened, denies much about sexual slavery, pays money to ceremonies honoring war criminals, and then some. Someone should be there to bring up these points whenever Abe talks about how he's going to change the world.

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For 70 years japan and its leaders have advocated peace, japan has not been involved in any threats to any nation, nor has she fired any shots in anger. Japan has not been to war in over 70 years and unless china start something it could well be another 70 years before japan is involved in war. Lets hope it is a lot longer than that though.

How can you say japan has a war culture after 70 years of pacifism ?

The Japanese is one of the most peaceful nations on earth and its people are very peaceful. They avoid confrontation, and physical attacks as much as possible. Violence is not a common event in most Japanese peoples lives.

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They'd better do something about all those war-like video games everyone's playing on their smartphones.

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“I wish to state and pledge… that Japan is a nation that has worked to eliminate the war culture from people’s hearts and will spare no efforts to continue doing so,” Abe said.

Fancy words are just words unless they are followed by actions.

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From the man who has almost single-handedly done more to promote "war culture" within Japan than any other since 1945.

The tragedy being that coming from a different PM this message might have had some meaning - Japan does have an impecable track record since the war of promoting peace. A trend that Abe and his friends seem bent on reversing, totally depriving his comments at the UN of any substance or beleivability.

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work against 'war culture'

quite the opposite with what he had been doing so far.

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What about all the war-like games people are playing on their smartphones in Japan?

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I don't believe a word from Abe.

Japan's culture is ingrained with the Samurai, Bushido culture. Even during the 60s and 70s, Japan has reverted back to revere the old ways. Always looking for an identity to separate itself.

Look at this entire neo-con and neo-national faction in the LDP. They are all about war culture. Even in their political tactics and ideology on restoring Japan into a regional power is all about domination instead of survival.

I only want to see what Abe's action is instead of listening to his empty words. More than often, his words directly contradicts with his actions.

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A 'postwar path abhorring the atrocities of war that brought tragedy to innocent people.....'

The many decent people of Japan abhor the atrocities that brought tragedy to millions. They don't attempt to deny or obfuscate them. He's starting to make my skin crawl.

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Japan has pursued a “postwar path abhorring the atrocities of war that brought tragedy to innocent people

Except for those that didn't happen, eh, Shin-Chan?

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Changing the 'peace" constitution? Increasing the military budget over anything that has been done before? Refusing to accept the fact ofcomfort" women? Denying the Nanking massacre? Visiting Yasakuni? Umm? Am I alone in thinking Adolphabe may be talking nonsense?

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As always for any announcement made by Abe, just use this handy translation tip:

Take whatever words he says, and think of the precise opposite to get the meaning.

"Fukushima is completely under control" = Fukushima is in a state of unparalleled chaos.

"Salaries are increasing" = Salaries are not increasing, and people have less money to spend.

"What is important now is preventing extremism from taking root" = An extremist right-wing revisionist nationalist cabal has taken control of the democratic process.

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Say one thing and do another.

Typical Abe.

He has done more to promote a war culture in Japan than any other PM since WW2.

It's disgusting.

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This guy is cute in a sad way. I wonder how many bothered to listen to him at the UN. Japan used to have so much influence in the the world in the past few decades. With Abe, Japan has no immediate friendly neighbors and is in quarrel with NK, SK, Russia and China. The friends she has, Vietnam is in bad economic shape and Aquino has plunging popularity because he wants to re-write the constitution to let him be president for another term! So he proceeds to the UN with hie lies.

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When it comes to politicians and public figures, pay attention to what they do, not what they say.

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He could start by admitting Japan's past mistakes and offering a definitive apology; stop visiting their war criminals at Yasukuni and stop denying the facts.

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I understand its biz as usual in the absurd world of Japan, but this guy is a bit of a puzzel. During his initial term back a few months ago, it was full steam ahead to get the constitution revised and get on with the fight. Ive noticed a reverse course of sorts, seems to be appealing to Korea and China lately.

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With the rise of right-wing Islamist Jihadists that have spread out ever since the Soviet-Afghanistan war, a new movement is in the offing; that of the Neo-Nationalist movements around the globe. The Tea Party in the US states that its objective is to push the Republican Party to the Right; the Far Right consists of the Aryan Nation, the National Socialist Parties, the KKK, and the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy. In the Ukraine, as well as in Japan, there is the National Socialist parties that is mirrored after the German National Socialist Party, which Adolf Hitler was the prime spokesperson for the party. In many political circles Hitler is held in high esteem and immortalized for his hatred for Jews, Communists, Liberals, race mixers, unionists and non-white people in general. Japan is in support of a Ukraine whose senate has members of the National Socialists in it, as the Regan Administration worked with Bin Laden in the Mujahedeen when we called them "Freedom Fighters", arming and training them; now we call them Terrorists. With the support of the Ukraine we call them "Freedom Fighters; what will we be calling them tomorrow? On the other hand, there are National Socialists in Japan. What a tangled web we weave; when we succeed to deceive.

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"eliminate the war culture from people’s hearts"

Should look at the tv schedule of some other g7 countries - they love war in contrast to Japan which has an aversion to those violent movies and got on being a developed country with other culture instead of relying on war related matters for patriotism and culture.

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Japan does have an impecable track record since the war of promoting peace.

Although I agree with your sentiments, I think it's easy to talk peace when you have a big-fisted bully of a brother on your side.

The Japanese is one of the most peaceful nations on earth and its people are very peaceful. They avoid confrontation, and physical attacks as much as possible.

Right. They just get another, bigger nation to do all their dirty work for them.

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Abe is the quintessential politician - says one thing while doing the other. Looking at the recent revisions and resolutions he's rammed through the Diet, it's obvious Japan is preparing for war. As for "removing war culture from peoples' hearts," that is simply not possible. War, or violence, is human nature. One need only to look at mankind's history to realize that. When has there not been war? How many wars are being waged around the world right now?

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How can you say japan has a war culture after 70 years of pacifism ?

Common sense and logic goes out the window to some posters here when discussing Japan.

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I thought this guy wants Japan to play a hand at war in the event that that an ally "fights with another country. Am I wrong?

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'How can you say japan has a war culture after 70 years of pacifism?'

I remember a very smart Japanese woman telling me that people like Abe are arsonists with no matches.

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