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Abe, Putin hold telephone talks


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Unfortunately under Putin i doubt Russia would return any of the Northern Territories....especially considering the number of russian citizens that inhabit them now. Nevertheless...hopefully they can get some kind of constructive relationship going..lol..

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Good! At last, cool-headed, rational approach, good for both countries.

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Asakaze: Not really. Abe will pull the Japanese, "We are going to SAY we will increase sanctions... and we will just a teeny bit to show to the US we are serious... but please cooperate and understand, and please keep us exempt from reverse sanctions. It would be regrettable otherwise. (wink) truse me!" I've no doubt Abe is up to his usual thinking he can play both sides. And if Abe's just holding out for talks on the island issue, he shouldn't hold his breath. The only way the issue will be 'resolved' in the minds of the Japanese is to have all four islands back (that they took before), but Russia will at best offer two, and even then the price will be extremely high for Japan. Abe will be forced to disagree to such an offer due to right-wing sentiment, and Russia will shrug and talks stop. That's best case. Russia completely has the upper hand when it comes to Japan.

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smithinjapan Your scenario is very much possible. But at least Japan and Russia will continue normal economic cooperation and political dialog. It is way too much better then the head-on collision in EU style.

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Putin: What is it Abe-chan.

Abe: I admire your strength to invade countries as you wish

Putin: Be careful as we may invade again.

Abe: Please, keep talking to to me . . . .I am getting excited. My ancestors are getting excited.

Putin: Good. We can be friends. Just forget about those islands.

Abe: Yes my master.

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Just a year back a government of Ukraine was running its show with elected President who was practical to Ukraine national interest. then a democratic coup is staged by west and the President was overthrown and Putin swallows up Crimea. Now west sanctions russia for stopping western march of NATO. Now russian speaking population of eastern ukraine start their fight. the Ukranian troops were no match to them. Now west imposes more sanctions on Russia. Finally who is the sufferer? Ukraine is clobbered and lost territory and west does not give that much aid. Russia suffers but it is pushed to China corner and China gains in $100 billion gas deal. Russia revices arctic base. Its fighters hover near Alaska. Except military industrial complex of USA none has gained. In fact Japan's security scenario has worsned with Russia may be selling 400 series missiles and latest Sukhoi fighters. USA just do not care but Japan must think.

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Abe and Putin, two trouble makers are a perfect match.

Add Kim Jong-un, now you have the Three Stooges.

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To meet/ talk to Putin is easy, tough thing is the pressure from the US later on! A good leader need to hold on pressure to do wtatever good for his country instead of retreating again under pressure!

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japan should stop relying on usa and start playing a global leader in economical relations. china s.korea, russia, etc. are all important partners to sell and buy from. theres no time for japan to care about Ukraine or Usa. Besides i know abe is a little bit hungry for land so im sure he will get a few territories from russia

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John has a valid point. Indeed, Putin, Abe and Kim Jong-un have some thing in common, they are all shrewd not to mention they are all ultra-nationalists leading their countries to nowhere.

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captainjohann Sep. 22, 2014 - 01:11PM JST Russia suffers but it is pushed to China corner and China gains in $100 billion gas deal.

Wrong amount. This year, the 30-year deal was announced after meetings in China between Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. It is worth an estimated $400 billion.

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While Abe pretends to act tough on Russia, Russia gets closer to China. While Abe tries to sow discord in Vietnam and the Philippines, China is busy closing deals in Mongolia, the Maldives, Sri Lanka and India. China and India has never been closer and Modi and Xi celebrated Modi's birthday together. Much as I dislike Abe, I think it is wise for him to patch up with Putin. It is simply not worth anything for Japan to quarrel with Russia at this point of time. Of course personally, I hope he irks Russia further!

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