Abe, Putin meet in Milan


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"In a 10-minute meeting on the sidelines of the EU-Asia (ASEM) summit in Milan, the two leaders also exchanged views on the Ukrainian crisis.

Abe urged Putin to play a positive role for the peace process to make progress"

In other words, Putin should do a 180 degree turn from what he's been doing.

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Abe might want Putin to "pull the plug on Russian gas supplies to western Europe" so that Merkel would turn her coat before winter comes. Staying in line with Washington on sanctions over Russia's involvement in Ukraine will help China fish in the troubled waters. It also helps BRICs establish New Development Bank as well as sort of energy security for themselves by which they trade gas/oil in other currencies than US dollar to grow out of the Bretton Woods system. Putin is clever to dangle a carrot (natural gas pipeline) before Abe who gapes while China makes a contract with Russia to buy 38 billion cubic meters of Russian natural gas over 30 years from 2018 which makes sanctions against Russia actually meaningless.

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Yes Putin will listen to Abe and abandon Ukraine when Abe will not listen to international calls to abandon Yasukuni! This is great for Saturday Night Live!

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Abe is starting to play a big role to peace process around the world. but at the same time they still have to be prepared to be protected from the worst happening. and im not talking about joining nato but having a strong army and built good fighter vehicles to self defend.

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You know... this is probably the first time in 30 or 40 years where a Japanese PM actually has a lot of bargaining power over a Russian head of state. With Abe actually playing hard ball against Russia for the last year it has greatly strengthened Japan's position to get what it wants from Russia. Good on Abe! The only way to get concessions is to have something to bargain with.

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danalawton1@yahoo.com You know... this is probably the first time in 30 or 40 years where a Japanese PM actually has a lot of bargaining power over a Russian head of state

Sorry - what really Mr Abe can offer to Mr Putin ?

Japan inevitably will take part in sanctions against Russia

It will be a long economic war ...

So what they can talking about ?

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It's things like this that makes the Americans doubt Japan's reliability as a ally (aka vassal state.) It needs to be watched closely.

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