Abe, Putin to meet on APEC sidelines in November


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A political diplomatic handshake to nowhere. It is a waste of time with Putin, the dictatorship. Politics as usual!

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This sideline meeting will not get Japan anything save for more empty promises from the Putin dictatorship

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Why not to talk business with Putin? Japanese companies are more then content with Sakhalin and other projects in Russia.

And after the US allied itself with such "champions of liberty and democracy" as Saudi Arabia and Qatar (absolute monarchies, in case you forgot) condemnations of Putin as dictator are really laughable.

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It is a good chance for Japan to melt down Puttin who i has big problem in Ukrine, Puttin needs Japan more than Abe needs N Korea. I agree with Asakaze. After all part of Russia is in Asia and China and N Korea are already Japan's business partners. Even USA is China;s business partners.

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As the world's #2 technological power -- something that is often forgotten now that S. Korea and China are big manufacturers and innovators -- Japan's military power rebirth efforts are likely to force dramatic Pacific and worldwide changes in modern weaponry, including and especially cyberwar, in ways not currently foreseen or planned for and which don't require large armies, navies, and air forces to expand Japan's might. It is fair to assume the current Japanese leader Abe is first of a series of new Japanese leaders who envision the Rising Sun flag again being a superior military power to be reckoned with -- without any of the huge national concentration camp guilt that prevents Germany from doing the same.

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" who envision the Rising Sun flag again being a superior military power to be reckoned with"

Lol, com'on guys, Japan isn't an empirialistic country like many are led to believe. They only went to war in the past b/c they needed resources. It's not like they wanted to expand their presence to rule the world, sort to speak.

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It's not like they wanted to expand their presence to rule the world, sort to speak.

Only half of half of it. To start with.


As the Axis powers of Germany, Italy, and Japan cemented their joint military alliance by mutually declaring war against the United States by December 11, 1941, the Japanese proposed a clear territorial arrangement with the two main European Axis powers concerning the Asian continent.[1] On December 15 they presented the Germans with a drafted military convention that would delimit the continent of Asia into two separate "operational spheres" (zones of military responsibility) by a dividing line along the 70th meridian east longitude ... Adolf Hitler found the Japanese proposal acceptable and approved it in full, possibly because he did not envisage Germany seizing much of any Soviet territory beyond the Ural Mountains.[2]



(caption): German and Japanese direct spheres of influence at their greatest extents in fall 1942. Arrows show planned movements to the proposed demarcation line at 70° E, which was, however, never even approximated.

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Riainf Sun flag? It iwas just a navy flag. Hi-no-naru has been Japanese flag for may years before someone created rising sun flag for Navy.

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A good handshake could go along ways. When shaking hands with a Russian, one must remember the proper courtesies. "Putin Huilo, LALA LA LA LALA LA LA" must be shouted when shaking hands... even with the Russian President. It means... we recognize Putin Huilo in all of his greatness.

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Putin is a dictator and Russia is still occupying soverign Japanese islands that they refuse to return

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