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Abe ready to meet N Korea's Kim unconditionally: media

By Lars Hagberg

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"I hope that he is a leader who can make a decision strategically and flexibly on what is best for his nation,"

Abe needs to up his flattery. Take some tips from the master negotiator, DJ Trump:

"I have gotten to know him & fully understand how capable he is."

"He wrote me beautiful letters. And they’re great letters. We fell in love."

"he's a pretty smart cookie"

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Last year Kim Jong-un willing to cross border by foot to meet Moo Jae-in South Korea president. 

In another time last year Kim Jong-un fly to Singapore to meet Trump. Well not only that he fly again to Vietnam this year to meet Trump . Still this year Kim Jon Un fly to Vladivostok to meet Putin.

North Korean authorities have given no public indication of any willingness to meet Abe.

Abe? For country that always broadcast Kim Jong-un on TV all the time, that's too sad.

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"However, Japan now finds itself battling to keep itself relevant in the fast-moving North Korea issue as Kim expands his diplomatic circle."

"Abe also told the Japanese newspaper that he had asked Trump to help resolve the abduction issue when they held talks at the White House on Friday."

This in a nutshell explains why Abe is ineffective and won't succeed. He hasn't made any steps on his own to establish ties with Kim because he depends on others to do the work for him. Donnie boy will not go out of the way to help Abe with this issue, and if Abe doesn't know this then he is extremely incompetent as a leader who doesn't know who he is partnering with. Abe has the distinct pleasure of being on the short end of the stick with both Moon and Kim. The two Koreas both share the same feelings about Japan's role in the colonization of the Korean peninsula and Japan's role in WWII. Abe could have made the very small step of not going or paying tribute to Yasukuni to thaw relations, and it would have been a start but it didn't happen and it won't happen as long as the LDP is in power.

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"Campaigners, however, believe the disappearance of up to 470 Japanese may be linked to North Korea."

And every year they find some of these in Japan, safe and sound, having run from family and responsibility. It's more convenient to blame the boogeyman and make yourself a victim.

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Abe is now desperate to stay relevant on the international stage. Sad, really.

Kim will certainly ignore him, at least for a time, until he can find a use to their meeting.

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I like the sound of “Abe who?”. But Kim should know that Abe is a fierce samurai warrior who can fire 3 arrows of doom.

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Abe has nothing to offer N. Korea.

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Unconditionally ? OMG.

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A PM with some seniority at last wants to talk to a neighboring chairman.

Thats what politicians are suppost to do.

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Kim must be sitting by the phone. Or just doesn't care to meet Abe who?

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Unconditionally ? OMG.

Is there a problem with two world leaders historically on opposite sides sitting down to meet? You're the one always going on about how Japan needs to find peace but once they make an overture to try, you mock it. Make up your mind.

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Is this a good news or bad news for the abductees family?

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However, Japan now finds itself battling to keep itself relevant in the fast-moving North Korea issue as Kim expands his diplomatic circle.

Kim met Russian leader Vladimir Putin last week after multiple meetings with U.S. President Donald Trump, Chinese President Xi Jinping and South Korean leader Moon Jae-in.

Out maneuvered by " a non-existing " country's President. ( Japan doesn't recognize NK as a country). Signs of the time people !!!

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Never mind what he says, watch what Abe does (i.e. nothing).

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"Abe has nothing to offer..."

Anime action figures, robot nursing care, overpriced specialty fruit, etc.

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Funny to see S. Koreans upset that Abe is meeting Kim behind closed doors.

Can only image how silly and backwards S. Korea would look if North has better relations with Japan than South.

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The US will never allow peace between NK and Japan. The US foreign policy is "divide and conquer". First Japan must regain it independence from the US.

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For what possible purpose?

The Pyongyang totalitarian regime is a one party state devoted to dynastic despot totalitarian dictatorship.

Has the fact that the UN declared North Korea globally is one of the most repressive states, where widespread human rights violations, torture are grave and systematic.

Kim Jong-un is a tyrant complicit in that atrocities that take place

The abductees deserve a voice, the question is by what means politically the government of Japan can proceed diplomatically to a satisfactory conclusion.

Reticence, whilst focusing at home on the more high priority economically pressing issues.

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itsonlyrocknroll: "talitarian dictatorship."  But only a dictatorship in his own country, not like the US which wants to dictate and dominate the globe.

"The UN declared North Korea globally is one of the most repressive states, where widespread human rights violations, torture are grave and systematic." The UN has also passed many resolutions against Israel which they, along with the US, have ignored. You also appear to have forgotten the US "rendition program" and the US Guantanamo Bay concentration camp - both practiced/practice torture, and human rights abuse.

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About time Japan steps out of da-kine Washington's shadow!

Bravo Abe! Banzai!

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The United Nations Human Rights Council produce reports and reviews on some 47 States and Governments.

Some detailing appalling human rights abuses. Resolutions have been passed in regard to Israel West Bank occupation and settlements .

There is also a detailed OHCHR set of conclusion and recommendation into unlawful use of Extraordinary renditions...

What is your submission?

Are you stipulating that one set human rights abuses, automatically allows/renders the justification of/to another?.......A perverse quid pro quo arrangement.

The Government and People of Japan prosess no tactical or strategic method to wage or launch nuclear missiles at neighbouring countries.

Japan pacifist constitution is unique and cherished. The Pyongyang totalitarian regime are the aggressors, and remain and continue to be an existential threat to Japan and it people.

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism, Advance unedited version.........



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What's the point of this summit?

Kim will present Abe with a bill of $20 billion for Japan's illegal occupation damages bill.

Abe cannot normalize diplomatic ties with North Korea even after paying $20 billion, because of the 1967 treaty which reads that Japan acknowledges and accepts that the ROK is the only legal government of Korean peninsula.

North Korea was most certainly honest about the fate of Japanese abductees and there are no new Japanese abductees to be found.

Abe cannot sign a nonaggression treaty with Kim due to the Line No. 2, the best he can do is an informal agreement or MOU.
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AlexBecu: "Funny to see S. Koreans upset that Abe is meeting Kim behind closed doors."

What's funny about it? The fact that Abe has said he'll be strong on NK despite them doing missile tests yet again? The fact that he's willing to sacrifice ties with a nation that was only second to Taiwan in aid and security in Japan's dark hour on March 3rd, 2011? Or is it perhaps funny that Abe is so desperate to appeal to Trump that his head is so far up his backside that he'll bow down to Kim even while he can tell us about Trump's colon as he does so?

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extanker, where is it in my post that I mocked Abe ? I am so happy that he changed his heart, at the cost of 5 years Japanese time.

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If N. Korea is willing to be friendly with Japan and on good terms we should meet them half way.

The abduction issue is nothing compare to annoying S. Korea with dozens of issues and hate towards Japan, even after the compesation, after the apology, after they signed the agreement in 1965, after the comfort woman aggrement in 2015, they go back on it. S. Koreans can sign something today than go back on it tomorrow.

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Well Played, PM Abe Well Played. With talks between the US and North Korea at an impasse and sanctions biting. PM throws a bone to the rocket man and cuts out the south Koreans. Well played.

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This is the news we have been dreaming of for so long. The first Summit of PM Abe and Chairman Kim should probably be held in Tōyako as the G8 Summit was. The issue of the abductees will be discussed, also the missiles. If all goes well, this could be a massive breakthrough with Japan-NK relations. I can see big Japanese cooperation in helping modernize NK airports, manufacturing and high-speed trains. As Trump said there is a really bright future for NK if they work with USA and Japan.

Exciting times!

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