Abe says he achieved 'historic' success with Obama


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In other words, nothing was achieved.

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Smith, lol! 

But you're probably actually correct. Visits like this usually bring forth a "slew" of trade deals.

At least re: the TPP, it looks like the deal was 'no deal' at all.

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Ok, back to Abenomics please.

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The joint statement is a very big thing.

Acknowledgment that TPP is not yet done but is moving forward is s big thing. We forget that the EPA with Australia dragged on interminably for 7 years, then got agreed all of a sudden.

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Well, I wouldn't say nothing was achieved. At least Obama got to eat at Jiro's.

Some14some - The success and failure of Abenomics lays heavily on the TPP. The only reason Japan is procrastinating is because they would have to give up their price fixing practices for produce and subsidising farmers. But, this is the failing of the Japanese economists' logic. They increased the sales tax to contribute to the public debt, but by increasing the sales tax and not ensuring the corporate tax cuts were passed on to employees as salary increases people are spending around 5-10% less. This means the sales tax increase is a step in the wrong direction. However, if Japan gives up their price fixing on commodities and floods the market with cheaper imported goods they will increase spending and the tax hike will actually mean something other than a third arrow up the butt for consumers.

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Well said, Disillusioned!

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To me, the highlight of the agreements between Japan & the U.S. was seeing (via TV, of course) Obama saying that the Senkaku Islands belong to Japan. Otherwise, the security issue stand between the two countries is something that is supported by every high-ranking U.S. government official who comes this way. Now that the Senkakus are "officially" in Japan's territory, wonder what the Chinese will do to counter this?

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China got another damper. That was achieved, and it's a good achievement!

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Let's get the Senkaku agreement ratified so China will give it a rest!

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No big deal here. The US has always said that islands administered by Japan come under the treaty, Obama just named them explicitly where they had were implicitly understood to be included before. And he again said the US takes no position on sovereignty. (Given that Japan lost the ICJ case on it's whaling, you'd think China might be keen to give it a go themselves. They don't have the islands now anyways and they know it.)

As for TPP, Abe can't claim any success. With Australia they only agreed to a half-baked trade agreement in the first place. The US rightly wants much freer trade, which would benefit everyone except perhaps 70-year old Japanese farmers. What does Japan really want? I have no idea. They have their tariffs now already, what do they think the purpose of the TPP is? Japan's participation to date appears to do little other than delay the whole process. I don't see how agreeing to remove the tariffs would be politically unpopular. The rest of the populace would benefit immensely. It's not a good sign for Abenomics that they are so out-of-touch on this.

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A bit confused on what was successful as well as being historic?

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a thing are words, other thing is action

what happens if China try to test US reaction with military acts in senkaku area ?

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Japan and the Japanese should never allow to change their Constitution, the Japanese SDF must stay as a pure Self Defence Force.

The US Americaños do not need Japan, even when they are under Attack!

We must never forgot all the killed Chilren all around the World, there was no War ever for the Benefit of the average People, NONE!

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Good news that no progress was made on TPP, that instrument of international corporatism.

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"Historic", in the sense of "in the past three days".

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If Abe says he has 'acheived a historic understanding' it must be undeniably true.

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Apart from President Obama confirming what probably all 'n' sundry knew, not a lot, no TTP "key to both leaders agendas".

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will soon have take some very unpopular decisions, some on the economy, others on key energy sector policy.

One issue is conspicuous by its absence, is the soaring cost of LNG. Fuel imports have increased to 87.49 million tonnes leaving annual trade gap of 11.47 trillion yen ($112.06 billion), that is the third year in a row. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe could have pushed for much more favourable access to US Energy markets, after all the Russia Federation is not exactly flavour of the month right now.

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Are you all blind? I witnessed "Abenomics" at work!!!

I went to Tsukiji yesterday morning, the day after that "historic" dinner at Sukiyabashi Jiro's and there were sushi chefs running about buying as much product as they could in anticipation of payday (today) AND the tailwind from the promotional efforts by POTUS and Abe leading into the weekend (and Golden Week)!

I even interviewed a couple of chefs and shop-keepers! You could clearly hear their enthusiasm -

>Um! Eh? Wakemowakaranai!

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'historic' success ? time may reavel it may be the opposit end of the spectrum,

I would say that not only Abe archived none of significant results but also damaged the long term aspect of relationship with the US.

Some people may come out of the woodwork, object my comments. But, look beyond the surface, you may find out the disappointment run deep in the American side. Case in point, when Obama visited in Meiji shrine, which Japanese officials were there with him, did Japanese medias give decent coverage ?

The shrewdness may help Abe go certain distance; But, Washington is not a stupid.

Even on the Senkaku Islands issue, Abe might feel that he got (tricked) the US for his agenda but that may soon be proved otherwise. If one reads between the lines, one may see that 1) there is no rea line (or pink line) 2. Abe was instructed no escalation (if he does, all bets are off) 3. ADIZ is not even mentioned 4. Beside of maintaining status quo, the US is no intention or mood to engage a war because of those rocks (Obama actually said rocks). In addition, Chinese regime and its military establishment may harden their position more and spend more and dig deeper for a long haul. In that respect, that is not good for Japan. Short gain is Japan’s game, but long run could be a different story. The US knows that.

Another development, In contract with Japanese trip( full of manipulation form the Japanese side) , Obama seems much relaxed and genuinely enjoyable with Park. He indicated that the wartime enslavement of women in Japanese military brothels a terrible human rights violation.

When the hype is over, Abe is left with more headraces not mention the destruction of trust.

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But Abe said they achieved a “key milestone” by making progress on the talks,

That's Abe's spin. Here in the states we are thrilled Obama did not give in to the usual Japanese whining -- "Oh, we are special, so must be treated differently" -- and cave like Australia did just to get a deal.

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Historic because

'They failed to reach a bilateral trade deal that is key to both leaders' agendas. "fresh momentum" into ATTEMPTS to reach a 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership pact.

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Let's see now, we've had an announced economic recovery that wasn't.

TPP that's making as much progress as a two wheel-drive car in deep mud. (Thank God!)

And now a "historic" meeting that wasn't historic.

I wonder what else Abe-san has up his sleeve.

Yawn . . .

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So, now what? Abe didn't get what he wanted and neither did Obama. In this tussle who is the weaker? Let's wait for the March economic report. Whatever it is Abe will swear that his policies are working just as he is saying now that he achieved a ' historic ' success with Obama. I guess Abe was so inebriated that Obama had to stop eating and drinking half way to focus on business before Abe keels over in drunken stupor. A historic failure no doubt and Abe's grave is getting even deeper and larger not just for himself but Japan and the people of Japan.

" KANPAI !!!!!!!! ".

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let wait for a week or so. if there is nothing new or achieved from the TPP, or other things (perhaps yasukuni), then there is nothing special about the visit and things will be going back again as normal.

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Disillusioned: the farmer's protectionism issue is nothing but a smoke screen. The real protectionism is coming from the big corporations with obscene margins.

And I know what I am talking about....

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"Historical" in a sense ABE refused to cooperate with Obama to wrinkle out TPP. Japan's deflation is caused by people who stubbornly protect their own interest alone.

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President Obama and his entourage were 'wined and dined' (not sure about the wine). This is a practice that has been followed for many, many years in most business meetings for foreigners visiting Japan. Very difficult to get much done on the first try. Even for the President of the U.S.

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Diplomacy is never met with the use of a magic wand!, Suffice it to say that the US has positioned itself alongside Japan. Would the US actually come to their aid in defense of let us say a military action by Mainland China. You can bet your tail end on that! to Too look the other way is to give the PRC what it has dreamed of for almost 7 decades! Domination over Asia! Other democracies would also face additional intimidation had the US not made the statement it made. China is reeling over the possibility as they put it "being caged".

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The very structure of the U.S.-Japan alliance is not one between two equal first tier powers. Rather, it is where one party is given dominance of power, and the other relegated to following orders. That Japan as already clearly rejected the status and role of a “first tier power” in the normal sense of the term. The reality is that Japan is vulnerable, and essentially indefensible in battle strategy against China.

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@ sfjp330

It's a good agreement in which both parties take care of what they are best and most heavily invested in; Japan in high quality manufacture, America in security and defence matters. Having said that, China is not going to engage with even a second tier nation and risk exposing how ropey it's military is let alone risk engaging with the USA.

Which tier is majority of China still in?

The time I looked, even Indians were experiencing longer life expectancy, higher quality of life and more democratic freedom and human rights.

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Hope their meeting was so historic that Mr Obama will miss Tsukiji''s sushi and want to visit the restaurant the second time as a tourist.

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The very structure of the U.S.-Japan alliance is not one between equal first tier powers.

The alliance between Master and Servant, in short.

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I would say the relationship is much more like "wise old man (Japan) and gang of young ambitious street thugs (USA)".

The question is, will the USA honor its treaty when push comes to shove with China, or is it just running a protection racket in NE Asia?

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Historic or not, if the prime minister says TPP made progress, it probably did.

Maybe not as much as the Japanese SDF allows itself to 'defend' Japan overseas.

(Then again I am a foreigner and I usually allow myself to defend myself overseas..)

But since Obama and Abe has met.

And it's a peace-oriented partnership, it's progress alright.

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Aggrandizing the Obama visit and its significance while Obama just ate some sushi and left makes Abe look like a FOOL.

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