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Abe says he won't flinch at volatile stock market


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Atta boy!

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Abe’s determination to fire the “three arrows” of his touted reforms is undiminished.

and look at the narrow spread he is showing in the picture (!)

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How can there be any proper valuation of any equity position when you have a central bank that is the primary driver of your economy and markets? You just can't do it.

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Yea but he WILL flinch when he gets the BOOT!

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I think the problem is in the people, not the leader. It's so easy to blame the leader but in a bull economic turn, a country should look to expand on their own infrastructure, invest in ventures, and develop new money-making practices. The government gives us an economy to start or expand something and we sit back and hide our yen in our mattresses. That's not sustainable towards a growing economy.

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Stock market, pachinko parlours and all forms of gambling, they're all the same. If you have been following the reports from the japanese stock market, the reason for the instability and fluctuation has been investors have been selling and taking profits from the gains. Greed drives stock market prices, analysts supply the bait, the traders act on the information, and so it goes on. A Wall St crash similar to the crash of 1929 would be interesting. The economies of the world are already in a mess,whats to lose.

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He certainly won't flinch from talking about 2% inflation and from urging BoJ to buy JGB's and other financial assets. He will flinch from taking on keidanren and other vested interests by opening Japanese economy, reforming labour laws etc. His third arrow is the most contentious and, frankly, the one likey to cause the most pain for the local populace.

also going to be interesting to see how Govt. services huge debt when interest rates over 2%.

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Maybe the world of economy has finally discovered the secret recipe of abenomic : 1) Artificially controlling yen rate. 2) Claim economy is now "booming" in Japan. 3) No point 3

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minello7.. you do realize historically speaking, although the seeds of WW2 were sown in WW1, the great depression was the trigger that allowed it to bloom.

A world that is filled with anxiety, fear, and apathy.. were the future looks bleak, especially for ones children.. that was the socio-economic dimensions of the 30s.. its no wonder, extremism was viewed to be, justifiable, in extreme times.

Yet in all technicality, the world is far too different a place.. no nation on earth can now exist, on a isolationist premise, basing ones economy, therein society, and politics within its own borders, as before.. globalization no longer allows that.

A nation like Japan, requires food from the outside, a nation like Australia requires all measures of products from the outside.. and USA requires raw materials and energy, like any other..

it would be interesting? .. i prefer this benign, cold and cruel world.. then utter desolation, fear and war..

good luck Prime Minister.. but remember.. the economic reforms of the edo period, and the taisho period failed, because of lack of transparency and, structural reform.. even the 3 arrows can break.. after-all.

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The problem I have when articles like this say,"Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said the Abe administration was determined to boost corporate investment by 10% over the next three years."

Or, "Keidanren chairman Hiromasa Yonekura said the business sector has great expectations." (note all bold words are synonyms for "export businesses."

...is that they are still chiefly referring to the segment of businesses (not import, not domestic industries, or businesses focused on domestic consumption) that contribute little to direct population welfare or security. In other words, the focus is on the 17% of commerce that is manipulable and dependent of government largesse, support, or trade backing... Great for self-interests, campaign/party fund-raising, fringe benefits, and amakudari later on...

I just can't "buy into it."

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Everything you're seeing right now is a bubble. The Nikkei Index over 13,000 points, the numbers are fake. It's just corporations buying and selling their own stock. It's the central bank just pumping up the market making it look good.

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Stock market, pachinko parlours and all forms of gambling, they're all the same.

There's one big difference. With casinos, the odds are stacked against you, otherwise they'd quickly go insolvent. With most stock markets, the odds are in your favor, which is clearly visible in the historical charts.

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I'm starting to see that door revolving again.

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I applaud Abe's efforts to return Japan to prosperity. Japan is a great country and deserves to be led by a great man such as he who is not afraid to make the bold decisions that are necessary. Any great leader will always have these little dogs yipping at his heels.

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The bull will end as jerky in Don Quijote...

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come on, give this guy a break! at least he is trying and not sitting idle like his predecessors. being foreigners and having no say in voting, we are left with only two options - either whining or being optimistic and I am with the second option.

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I say do both imperfect. Be optimistic but plan for a worse case scenario. I'll take my $8000. I pulled out of the Nikkei last week and invest some of it again when the time is right. The rest will go towards physical gold, silver and a cargo of rice.

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Maybe Abe could start doing some Usain Bolt style poses in parliament to make his bow-and-arrow analogy a little clearer.

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Abe not flinching but the investors are!

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