Abe says Inose's resignation will have no impact on Olympics


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Well thats that, & now we know that ALL politicians are dirty dirty dirty!

I thought a few years back this guy was different...........

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“Everyone shares the intention to host the best Olympic Games. That remains unchanged. I don’t see any impact,”

Because you don't want to, Abe. Lest we forget some of the ridiculous claims Inose made as to why Japan deserves the Olympics, and now it's clear that he was being bribed all along as a 'leader'.

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Id rather not take Shinzo Abes word for it about anything regarding the 2020 olympics

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Thankfully people have short memory's. No one will remember that guy what's his name ?,,,,,,,, any way the one who took bribes to get in office.

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Got the Olympics with lies, have to maintain "face" through lies. The departure of the Mayor/Governor due to lies/ corruption is a blip in the grand scheme of lies, at least the Fukushima evacuees will benefit from the Olympics ...believe that you must vote LDP ( Lies Dupe People).

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I don’t see any impact,

And that is the only thing he cared about, Shinzo. I also bet Inose had to go because of the Olympics. Abe wants to show the world of what a perfect (not to mention unique) place Japan is. Cannot let it be tarnished by corruption. But I think he has misjudged popularity of the olympics. Theses kinds of leaders are so out of touch with "normal" people they cannot possibly understand what people want.

Inose was crooked but next in line are another bunch of balding oyaji, just waiting for their chance. Japan has nothing new to offer.

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Yes don't worry, whoever the new guy is he will be equally as bent, so no impact at all.

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house of cards.

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Politics is a game of poker! We have seen only the winning wild joker! The story is much deeper than Inose's inevitable departure! Japanese politics is subtle and fluid! Their is more to this than meet's the eye. Mark my words!

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They all tell lies, that is who and what they are, politicos.

How ever some are just better at it than others.

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Just remember what Abe said about Tokyo being safe. His statement will come to haunt him as 2020 draws near.

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Just has he lied about Fukushima.... believe nothing the JP government says

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The fact that in the absence of much international scrutiny Abe goes out of his way to protect his Olympic baby shows the farce behind all of it. The mother of all baramaki.

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@gogogo "Just has he lied about Fukushima.... believe nothing the JP government says."

I'd have no issue to concur your point.

Abe's is a incredible politician, he feels no shame whatsoever to tell lies bluntly to the public. Nothing is short of amazingness of him. (sarcasm)

Yeah right, Inose's resignation will have no impact on Olympics, so does Fukushima Daiichi nuclear ongoing crisis.

I strongly believe that truth prevails. Someday the Japanese history books may give the right version of descriptions about the years under Abe's admin.

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Let me assure you that the situation is under control!

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Tokyo will host the Olympics with or without one guy and in spite of Fukushima and TEPCO. But yeah, all politicians seem to be crooks, don't they?

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Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along. Oh, and don't forget "Omotenashi". Happy happy.

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Seems as if those leading the chase for the Olympics were tainted by lies. Abe spun a big one when he said everything's "under control" at the destroyed nuclear power facilities in Fukushima Prefecture. Since winning the bid, the Tokyo side has had to scale down the size of at least one stadium ... with the larger main stadium being one of the strong points made by Inose. Wouldn't be surprised to see that the female TV talent was paid big money to flash her winning smiles and make her winning comments while promoting herself for future considerations.

No matter what ... seems as if Tokyo would have won the bid anyhow because it is the safest place to hold the games in 2020. And probably the only place with enough money to make it a success. At least we sports lovers will be able to see those games first-hand ...

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It should have no impact at all on the Olympics. He's just the governor, for a limited term, and needs to be re-elected. Even if he wasn't caught for illegal loans/ bribes, there could well be another person in the position. The position carries on, though the occupant may change, just like presidents and prime ministers all over the world...

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