Abe says Japan has difficult road ahead


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Abe is known as a hawk on China relations — which could mean more friction with Japan’s giant neighbor and key trading partner.

Nevertheless, Japan's economic recovery will be majorly based on it's relationship with China.

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How long before Abe quits again???

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Shinzo Abe stressed Monday that the road ahead will not be easy as he tries to revive Japan’s sputtering economy...

It's alright. From what Abe's been saying, he's going to build lots more roads anyway.

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What a sad joke Japanese politics is. So we can expect more of the gutless, shortsighted stupidity that got Japan where it is today. TEPCO will be SO happy, their old friends are back. The Yakuza will be happy, more money and power for them. The right wing nutjobs can now enjoy fantasies of a militatistic Japan humbling China.( as if). My tax is wasted again, the Japanese public will be cheated again. AH well, shoganai ne.

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No kidding Abe, with you at the helm I would expect nothing less! Give him 6 months max, before he gets a tummy upset and has to leave again...

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"...pressing for more patriotic education..."

It's funny that he's considered a 'hawk' in regards to China, when in reality he is pretty much no different from the Chinese. He invents history and insists it be taught the way he sees and no other way -- same as they do in China. Call it 'patriotic education' all you want, it's flat out white washing and brain washing. The irony is that part of the reason he got the vote is for his nationalism, voted in by people who want a tough stance against China -- a stance that they want to stand against.

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Police questioning hundreds over voter fraud

A tough road indeed! There toughest challenge will be getting the people to get used to the taste of BS!

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"Honest Abe" lol.

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Abe says Japan has difficult road ahead

I have a feeling he will be the one paving the way.

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No, Japanese voters are not patient. They want a quick fix and a miracle NOW. He will be throwing a towel within a year.

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but in all actuality, how different will the reign of the LDP be from that of the DPJ? they are two sides of the same coin. and it's pathetic how myopic japanese voters are. instead of seeking long-term solutions to the nation's problems, they vacillate and want instant gratification. well, they made this bed that all of japan has to sleep in.

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It's not like politicians are actually running this country anyway, but the bureaucrats are celebrating for sure.

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Whether there will be winners in this 'conflict' is not yet known.

There are clearly some 'losers':

Those Japanese who are friendly towards China.

Those Chinese who are friendly towards Japan.

Oh, those war mongers are winning out on both side. Better to get ready for next 'BIG' thing.

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More money to the yakuza via construction contracts and shoddy labor hiring

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A disillusioned population doesn't vote, so by default you end up with only older voters electing a right wing government, with multi-millionaire leaders with no idea of what it's like to be an ordinary person and a party that wants to isolate itself from it's surrounding countries - who am I talking about? The UK. Good luck guys, we're in our 3rd recession since they came to power, they cut government jobs in an effort to curb government spending only to create huge unemployment where skilled people only have the option of a part time job and government borrowing is now bigger than under a socialist government!

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Japan has difficult road ahead. However, it won't be long for Abe.

The frequency with which Japanese PMs are coming in and moving out of office not only troubles US, it also trouble China.


Chinese president Xi writes to Abe: Dear Abe, let's talk about our relationship.

Japanese Foreign Minister writes back to Xi: Dear Xi, Abe is no longer our PM...

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This result is expression of the certain anger. The anger will be turned for the site that flattered China.****

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