Abe says N Korean missile launch should be strongly condemned


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Right, let me leave this thought here. Japan has a lot of pachinko parlours, which I've heard the proceeds of which go to N.Korea. Also the LDP have often been referred to as 'the pachinko party' by its detractors. I wouldn't be even half surprised, if this (rocket launch and subsequent news story) was arranged in an agreement by little Kim and Shinzo himself. this launch, and condemnation from Abe, the day before an election.

Hmmmmmm, smells fishier than the maguro auction.

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Lol. "Toys! Out of the cot! Now!"

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Abe also said the missile launch did not gravely affect Japan’s national security, it added

So while it did not "gravely affect" Japan's security there was a threat.

And it's the first time that I have read Abe being referred to as an "it". Nice.

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Abe has no right to preach about other's defensive or offensive capabilities given what he has in mind for after the election. Sorry.

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Maybe the US, south korea, and/or japan should launch warning missiles across the nose of lil kim. Think the blowhard would understand reciprocity.

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Abe has no right to preach about other's defensive or offensive capabilities given what he has in mind for after the election. Sorry.

I'm impressed. You are a mind reader. But, I think you are wasting your talents in a backwater like Japan.

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Is anyone tired of hearing "clear challenge to U.N. Security Council resolutions" every time he fires a missile? Kim probably has an official (relative) scorekeeper who keeps track of how many times the council is concerned. "Yep, pulled their chain again!" The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Aesop is exactly how the public is starting to feel about his actions.

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Kim Il Pork is just trying to stay alive between fossilized military leaders in big silly hats and other factions.

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The more you give attention to Kim, the more he wants more of it.

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I'm no War Monger by any means. I usually look for diplomatic and peaceful ways to resolve conflicts. But watching North Korea is like watching a baby alligator grow up in your yard, it gets bigger and bigger by the day, then one day, it eats you..

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North Korea should be allowed to counter threat others who threaten her. What's wrong with that? Maybe Obama should not be so stuck up and pick up the phone and say 'Hi' to Crazy Kim. A little Respect go a long way to ease the tension.

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File under; a load of bollocks, to sway your vote.

Nice try , Muppet face.

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