Abe says new unit will defend Japan from space tech threats


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Given the current constitution and the political environment, Abe waited till Trump got the Space Force Command started to announce the new SDF unit. In actuality, it existed informally between the other three units as a joint effort. Unlike the US, where each "force" has some autonomy, all of Japan's SDF has always had rather seamless "coordination" and "cooperation" between them. Now, the Japan government can allocate resources directly to that new command, making it much more viable and efficient, concentrating on a new set of technologies which could and must be addressed. Hopefully it was not too late.

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Why does Abe just say "because Trump said so"

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Always knew that Abe was a space cadet...

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Part of Abe's plan while in office is to achieve his long-cherished goal of revising Japan's U.S.-drafted constitution that prohibits use of force in settling international disputes.

Usual biased reporting from AP. The prohibition is in Paragragh 1 of Article 9. Neither Abe nor anyone else is trying to amend that. There is no popular support and rightfully so, other nations could learn from it. Abe is attempting to amend Paragraph 2 which states that Japan can not maintain a military, in contradiction to the existence of the JSDF since 1950. Because their very existence is "unconstuitional" every debate on deployment other than disaster relief is delayed by never ending constitutional arguments.

AP is deliberately mixing Paragrah 1 and 2 to create the image that Abe is attempting to change the "Peace Constitution". He's not and no one else is either.

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they gonna make Gundam for real?

where is the referendum, I did not allow that.

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Why doesn't this waste of space retire already? The wealth gap between the rich and poor is in the stratosphere and all he's yapping about is some weird nonsense drummed up by the orange baboon and his ilk. Shame!!!

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they gonna make Gundam for real?

Gundams are cool but I think X-wing and TIE fighters are better.

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The real threat to Japan comes from the space between his ears and from the millions of uninformed space cadets who blindly believe his empty rhetoric.

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Good for Japan. The Space Domain Mission Unit is a necessity, whether people like the idea or not. It is a Self Defense Unit, not offensive. Future wars will NOT be fought with boots on the ground. They will be fought in space, via satellites with advanced missile systems, lasers and spacecraft.

It would be reckless for the Abe Government to do nothing, and ignore the fact non-allied nations like Russia, Communist China and likely in the future North Korea will be setting up Space Fighting Units.

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cant get funnier than this idiotism...

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Awwww, Japan is so cute.

The US makes a Space Force, and Japan comes in right after to announce this.

I'm reminded of the US Navy's 'Blue Angels' flight demonstration team that performs at airshows... Japan came in right after with their own team, 'Blue Impulse'.

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Endless projects to divert more money to...of course only certain people know the true costs, how convenient.

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Space battleship Yamato???

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Actually, 95% of what Abe said are wrong, in the past 5 years.

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If North Korea launch cluster munitions from missile over Tokyo, 10 of thousand would die or be injured, their is no defense shield for this kind of weaponry Google North Korea Cluster Munitions

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gogogoJan. 20 04:54 pm JSTWhy does Abe just say "because Trump said so"

Maybe Abe is a puppet like many of you say he is. Either way, this 'Space Force' jive is just another cloud of flatulence from Quisling Don and with his criminal record and gross habit of lying - why should anyone believe anything he says?

It's all a Space Farce.

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Look the ISDF is my idea alright. The microsats should be in place momentarily. We can use reflected space radiation to disable any of the internet sites we don't agree with. 2chan and 4chan will monitor the Chinese and the Soviets. They don't have anything better to do anyway so might as well put them to work. :)

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Sounds like a job for Science Patrol and Shin Hayata/Ultraman

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abe, pls deal with threats from america first before space, japanese producers are losing their pants.

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Japan can not maintain a military, in contradiction to the existence of the JSDF since 1950. Because their very existence is "unconstuitional" 

That is a common misconception often cited by the communist party. Although not in the National Constitution, the SDF is legitimized by provisional law stated in the Self Defense For es establishment act.

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The new unit will work closely with its American counterpart recently launched by President Donald Trump.

Yes sure! Japan must  working closely with whoever said so in the white house! "Working closely with....." is a Japanese motto!

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