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Abe seeks limelight as global elite gathers in Davos


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kick off their annual brainstorming blitz.

Print more money. Collect taxes directly from bank accounts.

The only brainstorming going on is how to go about doing these without appearing the obvious criminals these clowns are.

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Japanese diplomats believe Abe has the charisma to help sway international opinion in his favor...

Seriously? I guarantee any sway he gets won't be due to his charisma. I've seen more charisma in a head of cabbage

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And the likes of Yahoo, Google, Starbucks etc need to start paying their fair share of taxes, I am sure this will be discussed by these world leaders, but whether or not they can reach some sort of policy will be another thing.

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This article goes well with photo article, 'Monkey Business'

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while i'm no fan of abe, i will say this much; he is definitely giving it his all to pull japan out of its economic doldrums. i've never seen a PM travel so extensively and be on the news so much. now if he would just skip going to yasukuni...

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With landmark Syrian peace talks opening just down the road

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who is due to drop in by helicopter on Friday after overseeing the start of the Syrian peace talks


Why use a helicopter if it's just down the road?

A. Because he doesn't like being seen walking on all fours.

B. He's afraid of lions, tigers and bears.

C. Needs to change his make up.

D. It's just printed money, so who cares.

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FizzBit: both locations are at about 4 to 5 hours drive distance, depending on traffic. Helicopter makes full sense.

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As usual shinzo abe will make a fool of himself trying to self praise his failing economic policies. He has been collecting substantial travel mileage lately; preparing for early retirement and going into the Japanese sunset.

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To quote the sori-daijin;


Arigatou gozaimasu.

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“Abe seeks limelight as global elite gathers in Davos” Please don’t count on that.

Yes, Abe may get 15 minutes of fame; but that is about it.

Here are some of the reasons: for the sake of simplifying the augments, I put ongoing Fukushima nuclear crisis and Japan's territorial disputes with its neighboring countries aside.

On the international theater: Abe is a “damaged” goods since he was wounded politically by his recent inflammatory visit to Yasukuni Shrine, which Washington vented unusually its displeasure on a close ally. As a result, few of the counties will lend Abe a sympathetic ear on his usual preaching of China threat on the stage. On the top of that, Obama administration is moving forward to develop a new relationship of superpowers with China while trying to maintain the importance tie with Japan.

On economic front - his forte, Abenomics seem moving along. On one hand, Japan’s quantitative easing has won the battle of decade–long domestic deflation, on the other hand, his envisioned structure changes lags behind. Further, no one knows what would be the impacts (positives or negative) of scheduled tax hikes on Japan economy at this juncture. Therefore, Abe can’t take too much credits even he definitely will try.

Last but not least, a series of local election losses may usher political turbulences in Japan. Abe’s party will face serious challenges in terms of implementing Abe’s polices from nuclear energy to base relocation in 2014. If the ruling party loses Tokyo gubernatorial election, the headwind for Abe will be, let’s say, huge.

In short, Abe may get some applause when he gives his speech at the podium, but he knows and the audiences know Abe’s headaches remain after the limelight fades.

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EthanWilber - Great response.

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Hopefully Abe will not try to bring up the "China threat" issue on this occasion. These people are currently more embroiled in the difficult Middle East affairs, and for which they are looking for Chinese cooperation, would find this subject of "China threat" a unwelcome distraction. If you bring it up , China might even offer to cooperation on the Middle East issues in exchange for these countries' understanding of its own grievance with Japan.

The Middle East has long been a geopolitical battle ground for the US and Russia. People around there view China as a 3rd power who has no political stake in the region, other than to just keep the oil flowing. So they generally welcome China's participation. Of course, for its own sake, China should definitely stay away. But if Abe brings the "battle", than China would fight, with the advantage.

I don't why his cabinet thinks Abe has charisma. It would seem the opposite is exactly true. There are many other Japanese politicians who are far more charismatic diplomatically.

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@ragz4- well your hope is dashed! Abe has just done exactly that! I am sure in Japan they have fortune tellers and face readers. This Abe fellow looks terrible especially in Davos. Hie only photo that looks good is when he shakes hand with Iranian President. Does that tell you something?

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Such a tart. Have you seen the LDP Hinomaru furoshiki with the Abe superhero character?

Google image search for 自民党日の丸風呂敷

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Funzo is a fun guy, I have heard. Life and soul of any party. Bet you he can charm the pants off those gaijin patsys, with their blond hair and long noses. and China doesn't have anyone of consequence at Davos. Maybe he will return with an agrement that Japan can annex Zhousghan.

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I saw Abe in a yakiniku place near my house the other year, scoffing nuff karubi

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This is 'talk soup' just like ASEAN meetings every year!

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For a more accurate little for this article, change limelight to twilight. That would place Abe`s international standing exactly

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As has been shown, Abe just couldnt keep quiet about China. Just adding fuel to the fire Im afraid

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