Abe seeks Mongolia's support in China island dispute


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"And if Mongolia doesn't support our position, we will suspend all aid to that country," Abe added.

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Japan is at war with China now, see how desperated is Mr Abe to seek for survival when the world doesnt want to involves!

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Otago1000Mar. 31, 2013 - 07:28AM JST Japan is at war with China now, see how desperated is Mr Abe to seek for survival when the world doesnt want to >involves!

You've got that backwards. It is China that's at war with all of Asia. And all of Asia as well as the rest of the world are involved.

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JeffLeeMar. 31, 2013 - 07:08AM JST "And if Mongolia doesn't support our position, we will suspend all aid to that country," Abe added.

Not funny and not necessary since Mongolia isn't very friendly with China. But then again who is?

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China is Mongolia’s leading trade partner and source of foreign investment

...and what's the trade volume with this 'leading' trade partner? next destination? Vietnam or Thailand?

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Using trade and economics as a weapon to achieve political goals by force is a Chinese practice,.

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As the rest of the world are involved

Thats right! Robbing Japan with 'TPP' from a dozen countries came from the Pacificrim at a 'Good timing'.

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By the way, there is a region known as 'Inner Mongolia' and the Mongolians sure understood what China means over 'sovereignity! And they will remind Mr Abe their experiences!

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“I asked for Mongolian support relating to the Chinese situation and Mongolia expressed its understanding of the Japanese position,”

I would be surprised if Mongolia expressed this understanding in any other terms than a bored "yeah, sure man, I get ya...".

There are no good guys in this pathetic little square-off, but Abe gets my goat more than anyone. Using it as a talking point for nationalist posturing and his ultimate goal of remilitarisation; making "no compromise" statements and then acting surprised when China doesn't feel like negotiating; and now trying to bring others into the conflict, such as his presumptuous statements that the US will be on Japan's side in a war, and attempting to enlist other countries in the trouble Japan causes.

If Mongolia has any wisdom, they'll stick well clear of this colossal diplomatic mess, as should any other nation. Maybe Japan will start acting with more maturity if it doesn't have more powerful nations' skirts to hide under in case of trouble.

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Their whalers have already shown support for Japan so perhaps Abe believes the Mongolian navy will support Japan too if he asks.

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Well, I guess Abe is doing the right thing. He is reaching out to all the surrounding countries that have or had issues with China. Every time he does this it points out to the rest if the world that Japan is in fact trying to be the non aggressor here. Is china doing the same ?? Nope just threats ..."we will..." @ Otago. You seem to have a political agenda against Japan. Abe going to shore up on resources doesn't put Japan at war with China. China acting carelessly and striking first at Japan will settle that and open Pandora's box. You see as Ossan said you have it all backwards. Do we see China out trying to reassure Asia that all will be ok ? Nope what we see is china telling all of Asia "that's mine ! " they have issues with almost every small country in Asia.

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The way Abe has been trying very hard, but failed, to find real support for his position only shows his shortage of confidence. Even the US is the only one to support Japan but the US rejected to admit that the sovereignty of Diaoyu has anything to do with JP! So Abe will only lose again and again! moreover, even the US doesn't have much support all over the world! All people know how the way the whole muslim, Europe except England and other 3rd world countries think about the US.

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Beijing and Chinese people will happ to see these kinds of thing. Because they believe Japan is seeking for the peace of Asia even the world as usual along with the the USA. And they believe as the most peace-love nation in the world, what Abe san is doing now just to decline the intension of the dispute territories.

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MoonrakerMar. 31, 2013 - 09:08AM JST

Their whalers have already shown support for Japan so perhaps Abe believes the Mongolian navy will support Japan too if he asks.

Mongolia doesn't have a navy, it's land locked.

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The PM Shinzo Abe should have sought support for all disputed waters ( Russia, Korea as well ) without singling out China ? He may be interested in Mongolia's rich mineral resources albeit the main issue is : how to ship the extracted minerals when Japan's current govt remains at odd with both Russia & China ? Hence, the trip will end up with a big dose of political posture to show to Japanese public -- 'you see, I kept trying..the door is open ( for talks ) since I took office, these stubborn Russians, Koreans & Chinese didnot even show up to entertain me ! '

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The truth is the more affects you make the lies will be closer to the truths.

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"The way Abe has been trying very hard, but failed.." agreed with you on the comment put forward.

Everyone has its own set of pressing issues ( economic downturns, employment, general lack of interest & confidence in politicians etc ) at home these days without ready solutions. To put it bluntly, no one would expect these territorial issues ( no short term solution unless extremely risky options are taken ) to be resolved but the magic is : to portay the image of a certain 'victim' being bullied that mobilizes nationalistic support, everyone is now free to do things ( & budget allocations ) they could not even imagine a few years ago -- Japan's rearmament, for China to kick out Japanese companies & interests etc.. Ironically, from a more subtle angle, the last thing these leaders would like to see is : territorial issue peacefully resolved too soon as everyone will be under internal pressure with focus, this time, on tough domestic issues that would imply almost immediately losing support at home & stepping down in a few quarters.

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Ossan: "Using trade and economics as a weapon to achieve political goals by force is a Chinese practice"

Ummm... in case you missed it, that's exactly what Japan is doing here.

Abe: (passing over massive padded envelope) "Please understand our position against China"

Abe: (passing next envelope) "Would you mind understanding our position against North Korea"

Abe: "And hey, please don't be concerned we've edited our textbooks to leave out atrocities against you and other nations in Asia. We are merely trying to forget the past and think forward"

If the islands are Japan's, why does Japan go around begging for support?

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Here goes (come) 'Honest Abe' again! Been to almost all corners of the world, except Australia where he might face the 'big whale' attack so he dare not visit.

What did Europe says to Japan under Noda? What does ASEAN countries says to Japan? Not much but just cosmetic support except for Philippines and Vietnam 'blood brothers' of course.

I am pretty sure China is about to send the maritime patrol ships to the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands again soon to return the courtesy of Abe incessant provocations. If the more developed countries like US and Europe don't throw their weight behind Japan isn't Abe relentless effort to cultivate support foolish? Go to Kirbati or some small Pacific Islands to get support with lots of yen thrown at them! Just go and look for Temunjin spirit and go home empty!

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Yeah, thanks, Dog, for that. If only I had paid more attention to geography in school.

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Oh, YOU KNOW this just pissed off China...going right after their Bread-n-Butter Basket - Mineral Rich Mongolia.

And the Commies thought they had purchased Mongolia - Uh not.

Saaaaaa! Gear Up JCG patrolling the Senkaku's...the "Chinese Maritime Survaliance Ships" errr..."Commie Pirate Ships" are enroute...

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good to see that Abe govnt tried to do something different to this problem...better to accumulate friends and cooperate with them than to act alone..

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Why should Mongolia takes side in this issue. Mongolia's only have two neighbors, with China as one of them and also it's largest trading partner and investor.

What possible net advantages can Mongolia gain by siding with Japan and making China its enemy?

Abe's foreign policy is shallow and reta-rded.

The best thing for Mongolia to do is staying neutral on this issue.

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Moonraker, landlocked Mongolia has a navy?

Mongolia relies on transit of goods for export through China, to ship out of ports n China. Somebody should mentioned this to Mr Abe, as there is no practical benefit for Mongolia to side with Japan against Mongolia's largest trading partner.

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Mongolia will do. Because Japan is doing the right thing for the peace ! Every one in the world shoud believe in and support Japan this.

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It is in Mongolia's interest to diversify their economy. While China is the number one (pretty much sole) destination for their natural resources, Mongolia is being very careful not to give too much control over their economy to China. This is why the Mongolians are courting Australian, Canadian, American, and now Japanese mining companies.

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What a shameless nation is it!

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China is the biggest potential threat to Mongolia sharing a a large border line and China using historic rhetoric to push border disputes against natural resource rich territory.

Mongolia also requires a third party ally moving away from both PRC and Russia to obtain neutrality from their two large neighboring nations.

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Abe is unnecessarily moving Asian nations into tensions. Unwise. More wars & rumors of wars in future.

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Maybe they'll send their navy.

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More and more I see japan as a immature country because of its immature leader.

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JeffLeeMar. 31, 2013 - 10:41AM JST @OssanAmerica Not funny But it happens. It was pretty "funny" when Japan was caught bribing small nations with aid and even prostitutes to get >them on board for whaling. Such bribery/extortion of smaller nations against larger nations is an important tactic in >Japan's foreign policy. The Times of London as the videos and recordings to prove it.

Do you know what OFF TOPIC means?

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smithinjapanMar. 31, 2013 - 11:17AM JST "Ossan: "Using trade and economics as a weapon to achieve political goals by force is a Chinese practice" Ummm... in case you missed it, that's exactly what Japan is doing here.

Ummmm....since you obviously missed it google up "china" and "rare earth".

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Better to talk to Asashoryu. Ask forgiveness for the shameful way the Sumo Association bards treated him. Then see if Mongolia will help.

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Both Mongolia and Japan were invaders, conquerors, land grabbers and bullies of history. It is doubtful Mongolia is influential to the outcome of territory settlement.

The Mongol Empire under Genghis Khan started the conquest with small-scale raids into Western Xia in 1205 and 1207. By 1279, the Mongol leader Kublai Khan had established the Yuan Dynasty in China and crushed the last Song resistance, which marked the onset of all of China under the Mongol Yuan rule.

For Japan, their luck was shorter than ancient Mongo Yuan. Even Abe role model "Genghis Khan" is still alive today, he is impotent and frail to help anything to Abe.

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Japan is like a headless fly trying desperately to break class.

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@NE-TIGER: What Abe really wants is to escalate the danger in Asia to beyond China's border! The Chinese govt should seek a swift solution to end the 'farce' of Diayoutai dispute as a 'damage control' measure!

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Abe is not ignorant of the geografical facts of Mongolia. He knows that to get those minerals from Mongolia he has to move them through Chinese or Russian territoy. The rest is for domestic consumtion; he knows tha the Japanese electorate wants to see a macho Prime Minister.

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The more Abe stirs, the more s___, he will get into. All Asians who understand what Japan did in the past will never trust Japan unless they come clean about the past. If Japan wants to throw good money away, at least throw at some really poor communities in the world. Mongolia has a strong history with China and they are proud that their forefathers once rule China. Asking them to side with Japan is like asking Holland to side with China against Indonesia.

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The true and main aim of Abe is not about resources, it is about the islets.

My question is why China never keeps asking supports all over the region? Does this mean Abe keep lying and lacking in self-confidence? If these islets were Japan's, why even Taiwan is keep claiming on them? Is Taiwan want to invade all the Asia nations and even the whole world?

I mean there only one truth, and who is lying here?

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Taiwan also has disputes with the South China sea nations. How to define Taiwan?

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