Abe seeks personal redemption in upper house election


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“I cannot lose the upper house election.”

You probably won't but yes you can, and hopefully will! Never a smart thing to have one party with all the power when you have a leader like Abe that wants to turn the world upside down.

I wonder, if by chance Abe loses, what would he do for an encore? Last time it was is tummy, this time would he cut it?

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The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat!

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No one can argue Abe's economic policies have been successful so far, but can anyone describe what the average Japanese person feels about his nationalistic political agenda? Do most people tolerate them because of his economic vision, or is the average Japanese not concerned with these matters?

His political agenda (revision of the pacifist constitution, revision of apology for war crimes, territorial disputes with China and Korea) will have a significant and lasting impact on Japan's relationship with these 2 countries.

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“No one can argue that Abenomics has worked so far.”

This statement is correct, only in that I could make the same claim that Japanese student test scores would have increased dramatically in the past year had funding for schools increased ten-fold so that student-teacher ratios had been lowered to 6-1 and club activities were limited to an hour a day.

The problem with these statements is that while true, they hide the simple fact that the large gains are not sustainable because the funding for these plans likewise are not sustainable. Abe threw billions of liquidity into the markets, the yen dropped like a fly and exporters reaped the short-term benefits. However, despite the blip up in productivity and quarterly economic growth, the plan can do no more now and all the necessary “third arrow” economic reforms will never happen, since they would completely gut the LDP power base.

On the other hand, I’m sure Abe’s real agenda, turning Japan back into a samurai feudal state will be a smashing success. Bring on the Emperor worship and kempeitai!

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And there it is folks! Abe's campaign has bugger all to do with the politics or resurrecting Japan's economy. It is just so he can become famous, or infamous, as the case may be. The king of the cronies! Congratulations Abe! Maybe they'll put your face on the 100,000 yen note.

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Never thought of that! "Disillusioned" above points at Abe's mug shot being posted on the 100,000 yen note. The way things are going ... that might just happen.

And as SumoBob says, this election is all about Abe. Remember when a few elections ago everything was all about Koizumi. And Koizumi blew it. Now we are faced with an LDP rerun on Abe.

Anyway ... all indicators/polls/etc. point to an easy Abe/LDP victory. Just hope this doesn't prevent frustrated voters from going to the polls and trying to put some other party opponent in a Lower House seat. Some of my Japanese friends are already saying "horrors, horrors, horrors ... " They seem to be thinking, "Why waste my time voting when Abe has already won the election."

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Kishi was a war criminal which makes it all the more personal for Abe.

His first two arrows make look good but the one which counts, looks like going no-where. It is fortunate for him that the American economy is coming back and the worst of Fukushima looks to have passed- things in which he has played no real hand. Things which are not liked to have not been picked up by the average Japanese voter given their apathy. It is a real pity that Fukushima had happened in more ways than one as a window of opportunity looks to have been lost.

He has his head on knowing that if he spoke what he thought the LDP would be in real trouble at the next election. What he is really thinking will come out after the election when things are sown up and he is back from the dead- his ressurection

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I see Dr. Nakamats is running again, this time under the slogan "The Man, Last Standing"!

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