Abe seeks tech innovation in Silicon Valley visit


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Build a better abacus?

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Get ready for the next round of Japanese copies.

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[Abe] will go to Stanford for a speech and meetings with Japanese foreign exchange students

Where he will suggest that they come back to Japan after they graduate, working twice as many hours for a quarter of the pay?

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“This Japanese administration has been focusing on changing its economy to a growth-based system built on innovation,”

LOL. That horse left the barn decades ago. Japan's business culture is based on incremental change/improvement and not taking risks due to the penalties that are assoicated with any kind of failure. Will never happen.

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Good luck with that Abe. If you start rebuilding the corporate culture in your country today, in about 50 years you can get the dynamics of the Silicon Valley. Such a shame because the potential exists in Japan for sure...

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Silicon Valley that we now know is not simply about technology but about what was once an egalitarian and non-hierarchical world, a rebellion against the old military-industrial companies. Steve Jobs told Stanford students to not live someone else's life. Is Abe prepared to say that to the Japanese?

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“This is probably the best place in the world to look at that.”

Darn right it is. Innovation. No wonder why all the those other world leaders visited S. Valley. -where the quality is.
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Most Japanese are not risk takers, but it is not their faults as risk is not associated with a culture of harmony in Japanese society..

Many Japanese scientists and doctors who are risk takers left Japan long time ago, and are working in US where the research funds are easily available.


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It is their fault, for not even considering the risk. Hell, the Japanese economy has been so dormant these past couple of decades, screw the norm. Break the so-called "harmony". That renowned style of management in Japan Inc. is outdated.

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It is painful how behind Japan is when it comes to technology.

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First step is to threat their women equally to men. 2nd workers should be able to stay more with their families not overwork.

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@ra19 - So true. Family first, not your company. Money is important but blood thicker than water yeah?

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Japanese corporate culture is too entrenched for their to be any innovation. I don't even know where to begin.

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Picasso say "good artists copy but great artists steal" You have to do whatever takes Japan if not you will only a shadow on the past. Wish luck!

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Silicon valley is full of immigrants. I don't think it's possible to create such a place in Japan given the isolationist mindset of many people, including much of Abe's LDP.

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