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Abe, Son among Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People


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Well deserved and definitely among the most influential people in the world right now

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@ dcog - agreed 100%. Fantastic news. All the mud thrown at PM Abe seems to have gone now,thankfully. with the world watching the Summit being held in mer-a-largo, and now the Times Most Influencial people award for PM Abe. Thoroughly deserved, and PM Abe is not going anywhere.

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A very influential man indeed. He can really influence the process of setting up educational institutions, etc.

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Most influential in degrading the economy, causing hatred with neighbours, and leaving 90000 Tohoku and 20000 Kumamoto residents homeless. The influence is also our tax money he keeps giving as aid to dodgy countries.

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Son, although I hate phone companies, he is a very smart dude. Should be PM.

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Keep patting at each others shoulders, oh yes lets remind them we are so great while still knee deep burried in lies and scandals.

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