Abe, speaking at U.N., pledges $1.5 bil for Middle East refugees, peace


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Abe doesn't understand ,,, Dictatorship ( is a bad guy wacko ) you are giving money to the dictator who will go to enjoy himself as usual ,,,,so basically he is supporting dictatorship

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our unchanging principle is at all times to endeavor to return to the root of the problem and improve the situation.”

PM Abe, I think the Evacuees from Fukushima need this type of effort and understanding. So does the situation at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Because just throwing money at the situation solves nothing. There has to be a level of accountability and timeliness in correcting a situation that has gone horribly wrong.

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How about 1.5 billion for your own people that are living in camps?

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“I wish to look squarely at the fact that behind the refugees we find a much larger number of people who are unable even to flee and become refugees,”

Eh. What does this even mean? Seriously, I really don't understand what this means.

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I don't want my taxes going for this! No!

Let the US pay this money. They created the mess in the region by trying to bring regime changes that have destabilized and wrought huge economic and social chaos.

Not my taxes and not our problem in Japan. It was not an unavoidable disaster, rather just another consequence of constant US meddling and failed policies.

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"...And do NOT come to Japan!" was implicit in the message. Open arms would be a lot more help to both Japan and the refugees than a ton of money to shady governments.

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Let the USA take them all in. USA! USA!

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It is Germany's stupidity that she started accepting the fake refugees, which made the situiation worse.

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I wonder if Japan is allowed to join in the air strike campaign over Iraq and Syria now that they've reinterpreted the constitution

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Japan joined Brazil, Germany and India on the sidelines of a UN development summit Saturday to push for seats in a revamped Council that they said would do a better job of addressing global crises. “Japan seeks to become a permanent member of the Security Council and makes a contribution commensurate with that stature,” Abe said Tuesday.>

This should explain the reason why Abe is doing it. I really feel sorry for those in Japan who are in need of some assistance from the government. I learned on the news a while ago that some Fukushima evacuees were being forced back to live in their old houses cause TEPCO had stopped paying them compensations. Also I believe many evacuees are still living in temporary housing.

Unfortunately when comes to decision on how government should spend its money. The ordinary citizens are usually the ones who lose out.

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Flinging (tax-payer) money right, left and centre... Abé-chan, didn't your parents ever teach you that "Charity starts at home" ??? Take care of your own people first - and don't try to send them off to foreign wars to get killed...

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I would rather have a Syrian family move into the empty house down the street than have my tax money thrown at the problem.

The geezers of government want so badly for Japan to be a permanent member of the U.N. security council, but only bad enough to pay for it with cash and risk the lives of some young men in the SDF. But they don't want to take any refugees or do anything truly humanitarian.

Sorry geezers. Its not going to be your money, but your heart that count. Your lack of heart is clear. That is why you will never get that seat.

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The Japanese way: just throw money at it and pat yourself on the back.

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He made the announcement at the U.N. General Assembly while pressing for reforms that would allow Japan—the second largest contributor to the U.N. budget—to become a permanent member of the Security Council.

Sorry, like others have stated NEVER going to happen.

Japan after all these years haven't you realized you CANT buy a permanent seat! Should have been obvious decades ago.

Ah forget it nobody in Japan is even paying attention, I am talking politicians & the massive govt, its just open wallet toss ca$h & then expect respect & a seat at the table............news flash..........it don't work that way!

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Abe how about you do your job and spend that money on the peolpe of Fukushima.

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Take them to Japan . Japan is shrinking in population and needs the people.

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GWSEP. 30, 2015 - 11:29AM JST

Japan after all these years haven't you realized you CANT buy a permanent seat! Should have been obvious decades ago.

Not only can they not "buy" a permanent seat, there is no realistic way for them to get one. To put it simply, China would see to that. If you see it in this light, then perhaps the strategy of making efforts in line with the real probability is smart.

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Yeah sure China wouldn't want Japan to have a seat, but remember neither would Russia or even the US!

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The UN has missed the important point in Syria war. Fighting against ISIS will take time. How about Syrian peoples? Where majority of Syrian refugees have to go and live?

As I wrote in international Medias’ websites, US, EU and UN must create safe heaven inside Syria and build villages for Syrian refugees. That Safe Haven Zone will be protecting by ground troops and air force by international military. Build the apartment building for Syrian refugees' family in Safe Heaven with International donors' fund and individual donor like Egyptian Billionaire Telecoms tycoon Naguib Sawiris. He has offered to buy Island from Greece and want to build Apartments for Syrian refugees' family. If US and UN can establish Safe Heaven zone inside Syria and then he doesn't need to buy Island for $ 100 Millions and he can build permanent apartment buildings for Syrian refugees' family in that Safe Heaven Zone. Later, they can build Schools and Hospitals in there. The Safe Heaven zone should be border area with Turkey because usually border towns have created job opportunity for both sides of peoples.

I think Japan Government should suggest this idea to UN. This $ 1.5 billions can build apartments, Schools and Hospital for at least 50,000 Syrian refugees' family.

The war will not be end in two or three years. These Syrian refugees have nowhere to go to live. The whole country was almost completely destroyed by war. If you can establish Safe Heaven Zone and build new Villages inside Syria and then they don't need to rush to go home. Rebuilding ruined cities and towns will take long times and very expensive. Also Refugees permanent resettling in Europe will cost at least 50,000 Euro per person. Also the culture crash between host peoples and Muslim refugees will be next problems for EU member's states.

The best and right thing is giving temporary visa to all refugees and later relocated to newly built refugee villages in Safe Heaven zone. It will stop Syrian refugees risking their lives for to reach Germany and Europe. Also it will reduce weight on Germany and other EU members. The costs of long term looking after to refugees will be costs tens of billions of Euro to Germany and other EU member states. Those tens of billions of Euro should be using to build new villages, Schools and Hospital for all Syrian refugees in Safe heaven zone.

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'Cause checkbook diplomacy really has worked for Japan in this region....

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'Cause checkbook diplomacy really has worked for Japan in this region....

Yeah, really huh. Perhaps his approval rating at home is so bad, he's trying to rack up some points in the international community. The checkbook, cheap way for much needed brown-nosing diplomacy to the cost of ordinary japanese who'd rather see it spent on japan itself.

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Don't trust his big number. Meaning 0 all the time

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Millions of refugees/migrants have come to Germany since the second world war. Supposedly 12 million in the 50s-60s alone and several more since then. It doesn't seem to have done them much harm and most probably in the mid to long term won't this time either. Charity begins at home and this planet is our home.

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Don't trust his big number. Meaning 0 all the time

Sure when you ask him , His ideal answer haha you believe my stupid talking , It's just a kuso argument opinion ,

By the way he earns a big salary for talks , so if its not viable he is just wasting japanese taxpayer

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