Abe takes media with him on golf outing


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe played a round of golf on Friday, followed along the 18 holes by several reporters. Abe played with business leaders at a course in Chigasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Asked what his New Year resolution is, Abe said he wants to be excited by daily events each day of the year, Fuji TV reported.

Abe will spend Saturday and Sunday in his home constituency of Yamaguchi Prefecture before returning to work on Monday. He leaves for Oman on Jan 9.

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"Excited daily"? Should visit Yasukuni shrine every morning before breakfast. They you'll be sure of excitement for the rest of the day. Obviously Abe is not a true believer. He gets intimidated by the international press. Otherwise, the more others object the more you should push your point in their faces. That's the tradition. Go for it.

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Unlikw Kanagawa Ken, Yamaguchi Ken is warm. Hope he will enjoy there, Japanese PM does not have too much vacations unlike Obama in Hawaii. No wonder he visited Tasukuno. There are more ancestoral souls from Yamaguchiken people;s in Yasukuni than any other prefectures.

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What did he shoot?

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Oh, brother...

I can just picture it, the so-called reporters saying "Uuu" and "Aaa" and "Sugoisneee". And abe will feel like a true leader. And it was all good.

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I wonder if he beat Kim Jong Il's 11 holes in one? We may never know. It must be a state secret.

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All efforts to show he has the support of business leaders. And, why not. he has been making them even more wealthy with his economic policies at the disadvantage of the general populace. You scratch my back and I scratch where you want me to.

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Kicks the China/Korea beehive by visiting Yasukuni, then proceeds to the golf course for a couple holes with the press. What leadership... :p Arrogant bastard.

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"Magneg" Its our leader, I love golf too.

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