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Abe to begin 2015 diplomacy with visit to Middle East


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has been making an average of one overseas trip a month since he took office in December 2013, will kick off his diplomacy for the year this week with a visit to the Middle east.

Abe -- who has called himself Japan's No. 1 salesman -- will first head off to Egypt, followed by visits to Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian territories. He is expected to pledge Japan's support for efforts to bring peace and stability to the region and contribute to the global fight against the Islamic State, TV Asahi reported.

Abe is also keen to strengthen economic ties between Japan and Israel.

During his visit to the Palestinian territories, Abe will unveil Japan's plans to help rebuild the strife-torn Gaza Strip.

Also traveling next week will be Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, who will visit India, France, Belgium and Britain, and new Defense Minister Gen Nakatani, who is scheduled to visit Japanese Self Defense-Forces troops stationed in South Sudan and Djibouti as part of United Nations peacekeeping activities.

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He is Japan's number one salesman indeed, going over to the Middle East so see what weapons he can sell them no doubt.

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Abe—who has called himself Japan’s No. 1 salesman

who has not seen trade surplus at home ever since he took office (!)

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Prime Minister Abe should keep japan out of IS business. I think that's good for japan

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I support him in this, which is one of the few things I will support him with. I do not agree with visiting the so called Palestinians. Once again I am not sure about the leaders and there motives.

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Re-build the Gaza Strip??? What about first looking after his own people, displaced by the Fukushima disaster? Misplaced priorities, or what?!

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So sorry he can not go to Paris these days.

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This is the stupid plan. He might not realize that war torn Arabict people know Japan and USA are allied all the time but it is dangerous to be there, Just satisfied with gettin oil from Iran. Japan Inc already took over US industries. Don;t be greedy with danger,

this is the

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Daft idea. Will bring trouble. and agree, what on earth is he worrying about rebuilding Gaza while Fukushima is still a disgrace.

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With the oil price about to drop to $45 per barrel Abe san has plenty to smile about when he steps off the plane.

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@KaerimashitaJAN. 12, 2015 - 08:15PM JST Daft idea. Will bring trouble. and agree, what on earth is he worrying about rebuilding Gaza while Fukushima is still a disgrace.


Japanese Govt already distributed all allocated share of Rebuilding each Tohoku victim prefectures. These prefectures have excuse not rebuilding yet because labor shortage. This is plans to rebuild Arabic countries so that Japan can make them as Japan's big customers and enable Japan Inc peacefully make their branches. More Economic diplomacy than war diplomacy. Of cause Japan will make money but will increase purchase of oil from there, not from Russia or Canada.

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