Abe to hold summit with Putin at Sochi Olympics


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Snow joke, but it's all downhill from here........

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Putting political points above morality once again.

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I hope the summit does not end in mere "friendship". There is an ulterior motive behind it.

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Unfortunately, he does not have good chemistry with Obama. We have to wait till America have a republican president.

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Still trying very hard ti inflate his own status at every event. He said he greeted some key people from China and South Korea during the WEF in Davos and stated it as if there was a meeting that took place. Now he is going to have a summit with Putin at Sochi. But, where? In the twin toilets? Boy, what will this clown think of next? With all his round the world stage performances he can probably fly JAL free for the rest of his life from accumulated travel mileage and, perhaps with some left for his children ie. if he has any.

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I am sorry but it is not Japans fight. There is a chance for a peace treaty. Maybe even get two of the islands. It is sad they go after homosexuals but again it is not Japans fight. Peace is more important!

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Abe meeting Putin is not about homo's its about peace and maybe getting some islands back. Also building allies against the resident evil in Asia, those Chinese fellows.

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My understanding is that the EU will not buy the natural gas from Russia but from Qatar. Now Russia needs to find a new customer to at least recover investment. So, Japan is a good candidate. Just need to pretend that the islands will be returned so they can agree to buy the natural gas from Russia. Japan should not be asking for any concessions as conditions for a peace treaty. When you go to war, be ready to suffer the consequences.

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@Shopenhauer : the upcoming meeting has nothing to do with the USA, Obama or republicans. Russia and Japan are closest neighbours and they can solve all problems without "wise advisors" from the overseas.

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Yuri it's not JUST gay rights but Putin's anti-democratic thuggery that's the problem here. Abe is all for alliances when he is the beneficiary, but hangs his allies out to dry for short-term gain.

As far as "this is not Hapan's fight" is concerned, two could play at that game. Where would Abe be then?

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@Graham DeShazo : Yuri is totally right, speaking that those "anti-gay affairs" is not a Japanese fight. Russia and Japan have many other serious problems and they need to be solved, as soon as possible. Kurils (Northern Territories), a transfer of oil and gas from Russia to Japan etc. Your "anti-democracy" and "anti-gay" endless songs are rather old and bored....

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Mate, I don't know about New Zealand, but back where I'm from, 'homo' hasn't really been seen as a nice way to talk about someone since about 1974....

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Abe knows that Putin is chummy with China, right? He also knows that China and Russia are working together to create an alternative to the petrodollar system, right?

And Abe knows that if the petrodollar goes, then so goes Japan's protector, right?

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Japan and Russia are making nice because Japan supplies Russia with the slaves in the new slave quarters.. And Russia has the audacity to say the dolphins were "rescued" from nets off the coast of Japan.. Shame on both countries...

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Well, Russia deserves to have the first olympic games! Even if the project cost was 51 billion, they will certainly have some profit on it plus the region will develop quickly. In exchange we will see the most impressive games!

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Besides of scoring some evanescent points for narrow domestic supporters, the summit between Abe and Putin may hardly achieve anything that would have real values for Japan.

Fast forward to 2012, after Abe-Putin summit, the mile-wide gaps between Japan and Russia on key issues were so wide and so deep that, at the press conference, Putin even could not put on a fake smile on his face. What kinds of bargaining chips have been added to Abe’s hands and thus allowing him to make a better deal this time? One can argue that the net gain for Abe would be next to none given the fact he is perceived as a damaged goods in the diplomatic circle.

The Whitehouse is watching unpredictable Abe closely. Here is the thing: if some other country tries to a drive a wedge between the allies, that is understandable, but for a long-term ally voluntarily to do so, that is worrisome, indeed.

For people who are not aware: the US is now facing tough challenge in terms of ally management from Middle East region and Asia pacific region. A lurking danger is that some ally may “ accidentally” go rogue, starting an armed conflict that causes serious damages to the US.

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As I said, it's not JUST gay rights. Putin's willingness to aid and abet a mass murderer in Syria, his stifling of NGOs and other civil society groups, his blatant interference in the democratic process in the Ukraine, sending anyone whom he doesn't like to Siberian Gulags, these are all reasons not to give him international attention that he craves as much as a shirtless photo op. And that's just getting started.

So this isn't just a "gay" thing. And not that it matters in the least, but I'm not gay, just a person who finds the inference that homosexuality is an indication of pedophilia offensive.

Bottom line: Putin is a thug and Abe is not being a reliable partner by giving him legitimacy.

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Deshazo so meddling in other countries affairs is not good then?

How about the US stop meddling in other countries affairs, if putin isn't allowed then why is the US?

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@Graham DeShazo : since what time a legally elected President of Syria became a mass murderer ? Since what time bloody clashes of thugs with riot police in a capital of Ukraine became "a democratic process"? Anyway, your assumptions and old cliches about Russia have nothing to do with current Russian-Japanese relations.

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Putting political points above morality once again.

I would put that down to Abe being realistic and pragmatic in the case of Russia. Putin isn't going to listen to lectures about gay rights or democratic rights. Putin might well take technosphere's position in a real debate. But Japan's national interests don't extend to those things. Abe represents Japan. He chooses to be pragmatic in his approach to Russia.

Too bad Abe can't do the same with China. Nice that the Russians don't get upset about Yasukuni too.

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It's all about China.

Abe will be explaining to Putin what a great sacrifice he has made in the talks with Russia about the northern islands a few days ago, and for coming to patronize him now at Sochi when all the western leaders boycotted it. And for that, and all the money and investments Japan promised not very long ago.

For all that, Abe will beg for something in return, namely Mr Putin please stop criticizing us on history and please stop selling any more weapons to China.

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rsgz4gg7y2Feb. 05, 2014 - 03:33AM JST It's all about China. For all that, Abe will beg for something in return, namely Mr Putin please stop criticizing us on history and please stop >selling any more weapons to China.

If you read any news you would know that Putin does not criticize Japan. You would also know that Russia does not sell their top of the line to China mostly out of fear of copying.

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@gelendestrasse :Exactly. Russians pay tribute to their fallen soldiers every year. Westerners constantly tried to call fallen Soviet and Russian soldiers as "occupants", "murderers", "rapists" etc. That is why Russian side understand and respect feelings of Japanese people, concerning to Yasukuni shrine.

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"Legally elected leader of Syria" that's a good one. How much did the FSB pay you to type that drivel?

And telling another country of one's position isn't interference, but threatening to cut off their LNG supplies in the middle of winter sure is.

As far as the protesters being thugs, a quick look at whom is being beaten (hint: they're all opposition members) is enough to answer that "arguement."

These are all things that are readily apparent to a rational mind regardless of political ideology.

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@Graham DeShazo : "telling another country what-to-do or what-not-to do" is a clear example of interference. FYI, independent states as well, as their leaders need not advices from other countries. Because they are independent.Do you know the meaning of this word ? That is why mr Abe decided to visit Yasukuni shrine despite "friendly advices" from US State Secretary and hysterical screams from some asian neighbours. I need not money from FSB to explain a typical westerner that any attempts of any organized group to kill police officers and civilians, set buildings on fire and seize a power in a country are considered as criminal actions all around the World. No matter, whether it takes place in Syria or in Ukraine. Try to find some valid counter-arguments except your old and rather funny "gay-rights agenda".

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What will they discuss I wonder? Abe will arrogantly demand that Russia recognise the northern territories as Japanese territory, and Russia will refuse, but may repeat their previous generous offer to return 2 of the 4 islands. One point that Abe and Putin may find middle-ground on is which of the two islands should be returned. However, with the usual all-or-nothing approach, Japan and Abe will get nowhere as usual.

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Summit? Chasing after Putin while he is going to the offical's toilet to pee and saying hi from the next stall is a " Summit ". Wow!! That sure is some summit.

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For all the Western leaders have to say about Putin, he is so attached to Abe to make a concession both in territories and natural gas. Lavrov thinks it necessary to estrange them. Abe may want to bet on the natural gas pipeline from Sakhalin rather than invest in the shaky project of shale gas revolution in the US though he may pretend to weigh the price against the other.

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However, Japan has its own territorial claims to Russia as a special case. But in fact this issue is beyond the scope of Russian-Japanese relations and is a claim to review the outcome of World War II. Tokyo has no rights and no chances to get these isles back

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