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Abe to put off tax hike to help Japan's economic recovery


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Abe to put off tax hike to help Japan's economic recovery

If he REALLY wants to help Japan's economic recovery he needs to cancel it altogether, not just put it off.

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Abe to put off tax hike to help Japan's economic recovery

Japan's economy recovery? that didn't materialize under 'Abenomics' even....so? headline should read..'Abe to put off tax hike permanently..."

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That's funny, I thought he was going to go through with it so he could garner international respect. At least that's what an article a week or so said... That bass just keeps flip-flopping around in the boat!

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Interesting. Just today a report came out from Australia (where I'm from) that said the economy is booming at 3.3% annual growth. Why is this relevant? They put it down to two factors - EXPORTS & CONSUMER SPENDING. Australia has had a 10% sales tax (the GST) for over 15 years, yet has not seen a recession in 25 years.

Whilst not alll rainbows & lollipops (ie. plenty of problems), weak currency is never used as an excuse for government incompetency. Abenomics is a massive failure. Not one single mention of the government's need to reign in spending. A government in denial.

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Pork Barrel Govts. one after another and still going strong.

Look at the Tokyo governor and see what he has done with Tokyo Tax Revenue. It happens all over this country.

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sighclops - and Australia also has vast natural resources. Why not compares Japan to Saudi Arabia while we're playing fantasy economist?

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The headline should read "Abe to put off tax hike to delay inevitable economic collapse."

Australia has had a 10% sales tax (the GST) for over 15 years, yet has not seen a recession in 25 years.

Australia does not have tariffs on imported foods from 200% 5o 700%. And Australia doesn't apply sales tax to fresh foods. Australian companies pay a lower tax rate than Japanese companies, price fixing by companies is prohibited in Australia, and the bureaucratic red tape which snares every step in the business process in Japan does not exist to the same extent in Australia. And Australia hasn't protected domestic companies from competition to the same extent Japan has, so Australian companies are better run, and more competitive.

Also add the Australia has a small population with lots of room to grow, something quite opposite from Japan, the growing population insures returns on most investments, unlike the environment in Japan, were no investment now other than caring for the elderly and funeral services are likely to increase in demand.

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He and his Abenomics got us here, will this pull us out of this horrible implosion of Japan.

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I'm sure we're all very grateful Shin-chan. But those of us with a bit more sense know it's just a gimmick, to make yourself look better than the opposition party. The latter is now ruining whatever chance they had in the election by insisting the tax hike go ahead. Stupidity isn't a rare commodity among politicians.

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3.5 years ago when Abenomics started, I hoped that by now he'd have achieved far more to resuscitate the economy than just postponing / cancelling the sales tax hike.

There was more to the plan than that and central bank money printing.

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the tax needs to rise to 20 percent or more exactly, but how do they plan to do that without tanking the economy for the next 20yrs. you can tax people into the ground, but you cant make them spend!

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The economy will tank anyway, I fear. Need to take our medicine.

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