Abe to reshuffle cabinet on Aug 3


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Musical chairs; jobs for his yes men and women. Subject to the approval of the Nippon Kaigi.

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Readers, please stay on topic. Nippon Kaigi is not relevant to this discussion.

Oh PLEEEEASSE get rid of Aso.

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Abe to reshuffle cabinet on Aug 3

Politics in Japan=watching wet paint dry on the wall. Nobody -not even Japanese- are excited about it.

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The problem is that all of the cards that are in the deck that Abe is shuffling are Jokers.

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I predict that after the shuffle, he'll deal a straight flush.

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He also said Japan’s job market is steady improving and the government would make utmost efforts to beat deflation and revive the economy.

I would really love to know wtf he is talking about. All sorts of places are looking for workers, just not permanent nor good paying either.

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Sounds great, what's the reason? Revitalizing the positions?

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Cue musical chairs music! Last time Ishihara Jr went from nuclear and environmental disaster Minister to Minister of Economic Policy, because the latter is obviously needed for the former. This time?

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Abe reshuffles his cabinet like a Las Vegas poker table shuffles cards.

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I dont hear musical chairs music with this shuffle, more like benny hill.

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90% of the people reading JT never heard of NK until recently, and the way some people toss the name about here is ludicrous. NK is the Japanese version of the KKK, keep using it's name and you give it credence and credibility.

Let it go and quit thinking that they matter........they are more like the Illuminati sorry.

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