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Abe to seek S Korean support for fleeing Japanese in event of trouble with North


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Let North and South get together without influence from outside but who wants that ???? No enemy - no reason for troops and joined military exercises, safe a lot of money, no good for the military industry

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What kind of PM is Abe ? The war hasn't started yet, he is talking about fleeing ! Who would like to have Abe as an ally ? What the use of change of article 9 if you don't use it in case of conflict ? Abe has to answer Akie's question, in public.

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The problem is S.Korea will dislike Japan’s dispatching it’s SDF force in S.Korea to help our own citizens to safely escape the Korean Peninsula in case there is war.... s.koreans despise the Japanese more than N.koreans attacking them..lol..

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NihonRyu, who said to send SDF to SK ?

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Time to read the whole article (hint: especially the last two paragraphs)

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serendipitous1, all SDF needs to do is to take over the govt, then the war will be over.

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Not sure how this article could be seen as controversial or strange. Totally logical that a government/leader would want to ensure the safety of its citizens of something bad happens.

I am not sure how warm South Korea would react to SDF forces being dispatched to South Korea. Probably not at all well.

As far as relations between Japan and Korea I am in Korea very, very often for business and it seems that the younger people in South Korea do not hold radically terrible views against Japan.

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Good to hear, actually all Japanese nationals should be evacuated from SK immediately. SK will take a lot of damage in the upcoming war and the safety of Japanese nationals is paramount.

I suspect the Americans already have an evacuation plan for their nationals and are already secretly moving them out

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I am not sure how warm South Korea would react to SDF forces being dispatched to South Korea. Probably not at all well.

Korean policy is to open fire on all incoming SDF ships and aircraft that cross the territorial line.

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dcog9065, only the safety of Japanese nationals is paramount ? What about all other 99% world population ?

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This is pragmatic. If a war is declared and no plan was made the gouvernment would have been accuse to be unprepared dividing the country during a time where he had to be united.

Japan is concerned about the japaneese residents in south corea. It is a way to keep in mind for everyone that the possibility of a real war is still on the table while Trump try the diplomacy card with south corea.

This is an intelligent move to not let the tension go down.

When there is a conflict or a catastrophy in a foreign country, the foreigners want to go back to their homeland. Due to the number of japaneese residents in south corea, the come back could be difficult and South corea would have to deal with the number and the panick.

Preparing a plan before hand is a serious diplomatic talk that have to be made before hand.

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Abe is following US orders to scare the Japanese people that they will be attacked by NK and so get support for a US attack on North Korea. If the US starts a nuclear war with NK, do the Japanese really think they will be immune from the effects of a nuclear war? Have the Japanese forgotten Hiroshima and Nagasaki?  Its time for the Japanese people distance themselves from the warmongering US before the US starts a nuclear war. Its time the Washington puppet Abe was gone.

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If there is a war, the last thing on South Koreans' minds will be worries about how to get any Japanese left alive safely home.

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It is really the job of the Japanese Embassey in Seoul to be making the contingency plans for the evacuation of Japanese Nationals in South Korea, should this be required.

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Mr.Abe's smart move! Bring it on, run away is the essential measure when Japanese nationals in troubles overseas!

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@Akie: Yes, I only care about the safety of Japanese nationals in the upcoming Korea War. Due to SK's unreasonable and untrustworthy actions, I no longer care about them. I also care about American nationals in SK, but I would say the US government is evacuating their people right now

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