Abe to seek to play it safe in cabinet shake-up

By Linda Sieg

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“Actually, he’s not saying anything all that new.”

But wants to be in the spotlight for it.

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Abe will create a post in charge of his new goal of building a “Society in Which All 100 million People can be Active” - a slogan meant to express determination that no one will be left behind in Japan’s economic growth.

How many "new" posts is this now? Olympic minister, this minister, the minister of coffee & tea service, what else?

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He will be stacking the deck with his own handpicked aces. These reports are just political malarkey!

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Does that mean he'll select the usual group of self-serving old men, who spend more time playing internal factional games than addressing critical national issues?

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In America and in other countries, it is unusual the ministers or secretaries become news or highlighted. It is always the president who becomes news. In Japan choosing ministers is very important and if the prime minister chooses wrong person, the whole cabinet sometimes falls.

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Actually, he’s not saying anything all that new.”

Nor is he doing anything all that new

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Just payback for all those who supported him, or at least as many as he can take care of. The rest will have to wait their turn. Japanese Politics 101.

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Schopenhauer OCT. 07, 2015 - 08:14AM JST In America and in other countries, it is unusual the ministers or secretaries become news or highlighted.

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would like a word with you.

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"A Society in Which All 100 Million Will Break Their Backs Toiling for the LDP and Their Feudal Masters, Just Like in the Good Ol' Days!"

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How many "new" posts is this now?

Don't forget the Ministry of Pressing Issues.

Abe's kleptocracy that would make an African strongman blush.

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Good strategy by PM Abe. The LDP's future is dependent on the economy especially when a good number of Japanese people are against the government's recent amendments in the Constitution regarding security & defense. The TPP though agreed by the nations concerned including Japan, its effective implementation by all the countries is dependent on each country legislature. Good luck!

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Abe to seek to play it safe in cabinet shake-up

When has he not played it safe? Shin-chan will do nothing to upset his amakudari chums

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Didn't Abe promise to cut government and spending? So far how many posts has he created for his buddies to get double incomes? And since he's creating his fascist slogans and harkening back to pre-war Japan, guess he better keep those ministers who have connections to Nazi groups in there.

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I am still too annoyed this clown managed to win the latest vote to think deeply about this news.

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As all factions support Abe, there will be greater demands placed on him by other party members to reward them for their loyalty.

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I think he promised every one of them that you gonna be a minister. So they changes every time, periodically.

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Taro Kono is a good bloke like his father, both a Liberal and a Democrat. When he joins his dad for a beer (probably not that often since the liver transplant), I reckon they get out voodoo dolls of Abe and do him like a pin cushion. The same cannot be said for young Koizumi, however, not an original thought in his head. I would call him a lackey, but lick-spittle is probably a more accurate depiction.

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