Abe to step up nuclear technology export drive


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Boooooo! "Czech national power producer CEZ AS is looking to start operating the new reactors in 2020 or later." - hopefully there won't be any need for this risky technology any more at that time!! It is too bad that they are getting together to promote nuclear, they should rather be getting together to discuss how to start using free energy technologies on a mass level scale!

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Anything to make a quick buck, I guess.

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Exellent news. Japan has state-of-the-art technology in nuclear power plants and there is no reason not to share this wonderful technology with other countries. Congratulations Abe-san!

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If there were regulation in the civil nuclear business, one of them should be that every country having a Level7 nuclear disaster with evidences of "man made" being involved in the outcome or local manufacturers being convicted of falsification, will be banned to export anything to emerging countries.



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i wonder how long it will take for the japanese to start nuclear ordinance.. i mean, the germans have been selling nuclear warheads to the french navy for years... no one complained.

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EH? so it remains switched off and not safe enough for Japan but ok to ex[port to other countries?

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Elsewhere you can read that Toshiba had been falsifying data for nuclear power plant coolant pump flowmeters, it really gives you zero confidence in the companies in the nuclear village. And people still want to buy into their technology?

Even worse was TEPCO's statement in response; the data fabrication had posed no problem in legal terms or in the safe operation of the reactors!

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Japan has a major nuclear disaster at Fukushima which will take at least 50 years to "clean up", yet they are obsessed with exporting nuclear technology... Something is very wrong with this picture.

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Japan's corporate & govt overlords... if they can't develop death & destruction at home, for the love of money, export it! 21st technologies with a neanderthal mindset.

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One would be mad to buy japan nuke technology, given history. does Japan have moral authority to sell nuke technology at this time?

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Excuse me, if 'not safe' for Japan, is it safe enough for other countries? Really now? Hmm somebody needs to attend a class about moral responsibilities I guess...(and to stop thinking so much about profit, and more about being wise?).

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......Nuclear Energy is Dangerous ........It is not a clean energy........ or a cheap source of energy ,because Japan already knows the mess it can get into if any mishaps happen. , Whether natural or from human error. .......I would not skite..... to the world and build more of these things as the problems Japan has had with her reactors. Has not Japan Found mishaps can be very Dangerous and Costly to fix . Plus that little thing Remember Chenoblel It Blew up and Ruined the Russian Economy. With that said The Military implications Should Be sending out Alarm bell all over the free world. We do not Need Nuclear proliferation. More Nuclear fusion material For Atomic Weapons and Dirty bombs..

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All I can say is CAVEAT EMPTOR (buyer beware)!

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