Abe to travel to six European nations in mid-January


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How much of my tax money will he give away as “aid”?

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That will be one good thing about going to Europe for a change...Europeans generally have no need for Abe,s " aid" giveaways so this shouldn't be too costly for the J taxpayer ....then again this is Abe so one never knows...he might get carried away somewhere like Albania and whoosh...there goes more of our tax funds.

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Yeah, how much money is Botchan going to throw away this time?

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Abe seeks to confirm cooperation in the field of cyber security with Estonia, which is known for its advanced IT technology, 

Abe's not there to dish out money, he needs Estonian technology.

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Abe to travel to six European nations in mid-January

Is Abe, Japan's PM or rest of the world's ? Seems he spends more time abroad and playing golf than taking care of Government business in Japan.

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