Abe to visit Russia Thursday for meeting with Putin


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Good luck with that.  Putin is a very skilled and dangerous politician.  Abe really doesn't have a clue what he is up against.

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Will never get tired of world leaders in socks talking terrorism, mega trade deals, NK etc pics. They don't look as cocky. (don't think anyone has ever signed a declaration of war with their socks on).

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Abe San witticism to Vladimir Putin....

Russian arrives to the Ukrainian border. Border guard asks, name?....'Boris', the Russian replies..... 'Occupation?' inquires the border guard.,,,,,Russian says, 'no, just visiting'

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I know exactly what you mean, but I'd bet the opposite is true: nobody has ever signed a declaration of war ( do people sign them?) without their socks on ; )

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@lucabrasi, haha you are most certainly right! It's all about shoes/no shoes rather than socks, silly me.

Reckon shoeless Putin looks less threatening than the bare-chested horse-riding version. Demystified is the world that comes to mind actually. Abe-san looks just fine though :)

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For Mr.Putin, Abe is a very annoying person with his seeking of Northern Territories return!

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What did Mr. Abe say just before that photo was taken?

'Vlad, you're going to give me those four islands, right?'

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Mr Putin is a very self-centered and cunning man. Hidden under that smile is a man with no empathy with a world of democracy. None whatsoever. I wish Abe all the best - and much strength of purpose.

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I have had numerous encounters with high level Japanese executives and even the lowliest of them were very suave and knowlegeable, but not slimy in any manner. This includes the Canon Inc. luminaries Fujio Mitarai and Ryoichi Bamba.

That said, do not underestimate Abe. He is not a fool. He is a match for Putin and an overmatch for Trump.

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