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Abe heads to U.S. for talks with Trump, then attend G-7 summit in Canada


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Shinzo spends a lot of time overseas chasing his tail, his mum is starting to think because of her? "Look at me, look at me" Is the point "I'm important", but what results? Nothing absolutely nothing. He can not improve his own people's lives, globally a joke. A leader leads, inspires, leadership not from a tittle but action . And his actions are self centred and disparaging to whom he represents.

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^ scoring own-goals and setting matches to the constitution maybe.

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Trump will stay the course, one on one, bilateral trade agreements for fair trade. nah he wont, when those red state jobs start disappearing and business go bellyup then well see what fair trade is all about. November just around the corner and the Democrats only need an extra 1 or 2 seats and Trump is neutered. Think of Americas export partners as a type on congress for trade , if you pee enough of them off they wont give you the deal your after, karma always catches up with you.

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Abe has been "visiting" Trump so often that it seems like it's about time they get a place of their own!

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Funny, but that “plus one” has more economic might than the other 6 combined. And of the entire group, that “plus one” is the only one experiencing worthwhile growth. With the former “number 8” out of the picture, and always threatening to cut off energy supplies, the “plus one” has much more negotiating power than it did before.

Abe is not meeting Trump to talk about North Korea, he will spend all of his time trying to get Trump to end the tariffs imposed last week.

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Please, Donald, bring up the abductees with Kim Jong Un.

To be honest, Abe...hey I made that up about Honest Abe...I'll talk to Jong Un about it.

Hey, Jong Un, my good friend Honest Abe wants some accounting of his abductees.

Sure, Donald, I'm happy to discuss this with him when he visits.

That sounds great.

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Hasn't Mr. Abe seen through the orange American President yet? Even Donnie is taking a step back, and seems to want the mtg w/Jong Un to just end with a handshake, agreeing to works things out later. Typical way that Trump works through difficult matters. Abe is asking too much if he expect abductees to be released. He might end buy another building from the Kushners which is par for the course when dealing with this family.

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I wonder whether Abe collects airmiles? I'm sure he's collect enough for a one-way trip to the moon.

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Trump demands US surpluses with the rest of the world. Unfair to the rest of the world is fair to the ignorant TRUMP. He thinks Canada burned the White House in 1814!

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Mr. Abe, you need to play golf with him and take all that time at the golf course to the president understand exactly why you wanted to meet him and he will probably tell you to prepare the next meeting in Japan to invite all the countries concerned to the meeting of 6 held several times, with no good resolutions.

Pres. Trump to PM Abe: - I'll remember what you said when I will be again to Japan, now so many things to do all at once, my ears and my brain too busy to memorize. See you there, then. BTW, why didn't you call me, you didn't have come to meet me, right?

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So, Abe is going to "warn" Trump -- a guy who is more interested in talking to a pro golfer while leaving Abe rolling around in a sand trap -- not to ease his hardline against NK, and he's also going to warn/beg Trump not to keep tariffs on Japan, and maybe throw in some abductee favours as well?

And he is going to do... what exactly... if Trump does not comply? I mean, besides pouting and saying how unfair it is.

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Trump will stay the course, one on one, bilateral trade agreements for fair trade.

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Abe aims to remind Trump to bring up the issue of Japanese nationals abducted by the North in the 1970s and 1980s, which he views as one of the most important political issues for his administration, during his upcoming summit with Kim, according to the officials.

I advise DPRK to keep some nukes and missiles as insurance, never forget or forgive what the USA and Japan did to it, demand an accounting of all Koreans Japan abducted, apologize compensate and cease using the pretend term 'comfort women' they were sex slaves, outlaw and punish all anti-Korean protesters in Japan. Only then can there be a new beginning.

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