Abe, Trump discuss inter-Korean summit


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I am hoping that the meeting between President Trump and the North Korean Leader Kim Jun Un proves to be successful for all parties concerned. I am hoping that the Kidnapping of Japanese by the North Korean leadership is finally resolved and those who were taken are safely returned back home to Japan.

I am also concerned that despite the positive feelings currently, that the history involving North Korea's leaders with respect to keeping their promises is rather dismal. Additionally, given the volatility of the North Korean Leader Kim Jun Un, the outlook remains questionable in the long-term.

I am hoping that all parties involved: Japan, South Korea, North Korea, China, Russia, and the United States will be able to sit down at some point and time and create a new phase in the relationship between these countries.

Thank you so very much for allowing me to share my thoughts.

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Looks to me like Abe is doing a pretty poor job of being "sidelined".

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 I am hoping that the Kidnapping of Japanese by the North Korean leadership .......

Let's keep in mind that the current "North Korean" leadership had nothing to do with the kidnapping itself, and very little to do with the initial and following cover up either. The current leader wasn't even born when the first kidnappings took place, he is around 36 years old, and the kidnappings took place between 1977 and 1983.

Personally I hope as well that he, Kim, wants to get this over with as well, but he can't appear to be weak or giving too much away in the process.

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The "kaya-no-soto" duo!

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From my point of view: if I am Abe after that expected meeting of both Koreas realized, would offer this time the Peace Treaty of NK/China/SK/US location here in Japan. That could make the real image of Japan as peaceful country and clean up the bad images stagnated of that past Imperial Japan. As I can see Abe only find ways to confront the other side with USA. I don't understand why Abe speaks a lot and the image of Japan is still going bad, and his performances getting worse? If the next location for those countries meet isn't clear, it's time to Japan propose, I don't know it will be with Abe or not but better vision for Japan.

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OssanAmericaToday 07:05 am JST

Looks to me like Abe is doing a pretty poor job of being "sidelined".

I see nothing at all in this article to suggest that he's a key player. He plans to get briefed on summits he won't be attending, he agrees with President Trump on things we already know they agree on, and no one seems inclined to make many references to him:

"Just had a long and very good talk with President Moon of South Korea. Things are going very well, time and location of meeting with North Korea is being set," Trump said Saturday in a Twitter post, apparently referring to his planned talks with the North Korean leader.

It looks to me like everyone else will be making all the moves.

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Abe ( with his typical Japanese ego) seems to be desperately struggling for relevancy in these epic events, even to the point of subtly trying to edge out Moon Jae in, but , he really is ill positioned to do anything and can't proffer any solutions. His only mantra of the abductees issue, has fatigued everyone and is seen by most as a political platitude for Japanese consumption... and his own lifeline. He'd be well advised to find the appropriate time and place to raise his issues.

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Japan has to date achieved two main objectives; first to stop North Koreas missiles from flying over Japan. North Korea has declared an end to such missile tests. Second to discuss the abduction issue, which has been supported by both the U.S. and South Korea. Ad now North Korea have agreed to discuss the abduction issue and normalize relations with Japan. Efforts to minimize Japan's significance are pathetic when this reality is taken into account.

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OssanAmericaApr. 29  09:42 pm JST

Efforts to minimize Japan's significance are pathetic when this reality is taken into account.

What about efforts to overstate Japan's significance? They look like an attempt to talk up Abe as a major player when in actual fact he's just standing on the sidelines. Japan has asked for particular issues to be brought up in negotiations, the achievements to date have been brought about by the Americans and the Koreans themselves. I know Abe needs some kind of win to draw attention away from his domestic problems, but this isn't a win for him.

Japan wanted to resolve the abduction issue. North Korea has agreed to discuss the abduction issue.

If one disagrees that Japan has achieved their two main goals I suggest a remedial English class.

People who don't seem to know the difference between "resolve" and "agree to discuss" might want to refrain from comment on others' English ability.

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zichiToday  09:19 am JST


you were feeling us that Kim Jong-Un would never give up his nuclear weapons and he could never be trusted. So far only words and statements and too early to call any victories.

Right. It's all good that the North Koreans are talking about ending the missile tests but they seemed amenable to that anyway and as the problem affected the US and South Korea as well they would probably have been bringing it up even if Abe hadn't said anything. Moreover Kim is hardly likely to say he'll stop everything in the nuclear weapons programme except the missile flights over Japan, so Abe has not really pulled off anything all that impressive there.

As for the abductee issue, Abe will only be able to claim a really impressive achievement if those people are alive and North Korea lets them go home to Japan, and I will be impressed. An agreement to discuss the issue falls very far short of that kind of achievement, but it's not surprising that Abe supporters would try to spin all the good news they can out of it.

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