N Korea fires ballistic missile; Abe, Trump condemn launch


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Knowing that Trump stands 100% behind Japan is such a relief, given that he wanted to lump Japan in with counttries like Mexico, China etal. for trade deals and currency manipulation that take advantage of the US not so long ago. Why the sudden about face?

Well, Abe I just hope frogs legs weren't on the menu....

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It might be irrational, given the internal oppression of North Korea, but somehow I find myself cheering the underdog now for thumbing its nose at the US and Japan. I guess that's what "honest" Abe and post-truth Trump can do to you. The world is going to hell in a handcart in any case.

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I think Mr. Un just condemned Abe & Trump's golf game.

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Trump declines to answer questions about North Korea's launching of a ballistic missile until Ivanka can tell him if North Korea is the good one or bad one. It's probably not a coincidence that North Korea fired off a missile while Trump played golf with the Japanese Prime Minister.

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Tame rhetoric from the US compared to the US response to Iran's ballistic missile test, ??

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Japan and U S protests in the past have hardly produced any effect upon Kim Jong-un who has continued his missiles and nuclear tests with impunity. It is high time for Japan to change its policy and start developing and strengthening its defenses with powerful military deterrent capabilities.

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North Korea needs to feed it's people, and take care of it's abysmal human Rights issues. Launching middles is child's play and Trump, My president, as well as Mr. Abe did exactly what they felt was appropriate. Btw, N.Korea as an underdog is highly laughable. But that does not mean they are not welcome to come out of the cold and join the international community by agreeing to what is right for its people.

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Actually this is the first time I fully agree with how Trump handled himself. We were about to go out on our afternoon walk and my darling and I had NHK on. I told her please wait...when Trump took the podium I was about crapping myself thinking he would spout something out foolish and make a bad situation worse.

Instead he said a single sentence and left it at that. I was shocked. Wow! (I hope he does not decide to tweet something later)....

Although I am not a supporter of him I have to give credit where credit is due....this is the absolute best way he could have handled this. Express full support for Japan and leave it at that. There are a couple of other concerned parties that should be consulted before making a full reply. South Korea and China. South Korea (as they are obviously pissed as well) and China - as they have (or may have) leverage over North Korea.

I believe we are fast approaching a time when something is going to need to be done to stop North Korea before they initiate an event that could be catastrophic. I am more concerned about an EMP attack (which would be the great equalizer) rather than a direct thermo-nuclear strike.

I am very much anti war and also against preemptive action, unless it is the last resort. In the case of North Korea I think someone is going to have to make some very tough decisions. My fear is that this Kim....seems much less mature than his predecessors and more likely to do something irrational.

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I wonder how many more years they're going to condemn these missile tests.

I wonder if they'll condemn them when they're dropped on people.

I'm sure feelings are getting hurt being condemn but countries better start actually doing something about this.

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I'm sure feelings are getting hurt being condemn but countries better start actually doing something about this.

Like what, for example?

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I wonder if No. Korea told So. Korea, Japan, and the US that this was only a test, before the launch. If not, why wasn't there an immediate counter-offensive to shoot it down?

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Nothing will happen. No invasion of coalition or American forces...no oil. If a middle eastern country like, let's say Iraq, even hinted at having WMDs, the leader would be removed from power and American troops would be stationed there. But of course the middle east is nowhere as volatile as east asia. The middle east is a very stable region...

PS - the last portion was sarc

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Kim'z a good friend of america am sure, he presses a button , n walla tokyo n seoul put mor money in americas pocket,, food for thought

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At this point, it'd be myopic for anyone to look at the NK issue as a stand alone problem. We might not like it,but with other outside forces beyond NK in play, Un will keep doing his thing. I don't really think he thinks anything of the UN or the US ( they mean the same thing to him). China with 1420 km and Russia with 18km border with NK, surely don't want the US on the other side, given the ratcheting up of tension in the S.China sea and Eastern Ukraine/Baltics. Kim knows that should anything go down, the Korean peninsular will be the theater, especially NK side.

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How about discussing constructively discussing bilateral relations between the U.S. and North Korea?

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It is high time for Japan to change its policy and start developing and strengthening its defenses with powerful military deterrent capabilities.

It's called the US Pacific Command.

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dropped onto sea. Probably another failure. Kit is time Japan use self defense as reason to destroy N Korea.

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Judging from the Donald's 1-liner remark, I don't think he's thought as far as No. Korea. His mind now is on keeping Muslims from entering U.S. from the Mid-East. Maddox must've tried to brief him after the trip to S. Korea and Japan, but Donald's attention span is such that he only heard what he wanted to hear. Honest Abe and the Donald seemed to have a love-fest of a meeting this weekend, and I only hope for Abe's sake, the Donald will keep his words. I think Abe had to offer a basketful of goodies to the U.S. and Ivanka to be blessed by the Donald.

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NK. Like a petulant child. Not sure anyone really cares much about their feeble attempts to try to launch something/anything/anywhere.

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Not sure anyone really cares much about their feeble attempts to try to launch something/anything/anywhere.

People care, because these "feeble attempts" may eventually turn into successful ones, and if they can fit a nuke on one, the whole game changes.

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The news covers Japan and Abe with Trump all day long. Look at Abe's face. I think he has been crying. especially his left eye, He must be worrying.

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Sensei is correct. These feeble attempts will turn into successful ones eventually. To deal with this issue successfully China must be fully on board.

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China has been distancing with N K. It likes S K which cooperate with China on technology, trade. It even team up with SK. to point out J politicians Yasukuni visit but never sported N K. It doesn't give food to NK. This missile was shot toward sea that was route Jjapan' donation food carrying ship takes.

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North Korea got guts and action! But the world around just talk with words only. ™NATO really! (™NATO: NO Action Talk Only).

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