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Abe urges LDP members to more actively debate constitutional change


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They should be having a lively debate on how to remove that damned dictator and stop Japan from its current spiral into despotism

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"New Constitution" by self-satisfaction of Top-heavy Japanese Nationalists who worship Pre-war fascism regime.

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So much for the "debate": yesterday Abe refused to answer Renho's questions in the Upper House. Abe's idea of a "debate" is for him to repeat the phrase "please understand and cooperate" several thousand times, without explaining anything.

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Sangetsu, if there were a nasty crisis globally I think you could see 50. But it's only the 500 that worries me, hence I am loaded up with foreign currencies and assets myself.

On the 'debate' thing it does seem like a charade. He needs some cover to be able to say: 'We have debated this together, and now I have concluded that we will do it my way. Thank you.'

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Abe is lying to the people. He's trying to pass it off as if article 9 does not allow the self-defense forces to protect Japan. it does. This idiot of a PM is just trying desperately to divert attention from the fact that his economic policies have been a disaster. His stance towards Russia has not been successful. Putin has played him for the fool that he is; Trump met with him, and now still going on about Japanese protectionism; his three arrows are a joke, Abenomics is a joke, his womennomics is practically nonexistent. Not one good thing has come from this PM. All it'sgotten us talk about constitutional change. That's how our taxes are being spent: on deliberations regarding a Constitution that does not need to be changed at all.

this man has been an abject failure from the beginning of his tenure till now and I don't think it's going to get any better anytime soon. Heaven help us all.

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Is really the constitution at fault to create the second richest country? 

Why tinker here when you should be aware that the abysmal results in foreign diplomacy concerning neighboring areas are to be traced rather in islandish

group isolation.

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The really serious change would come if we see Dollar/Yen rocket to 500, Venezuela-style.

This is more likely to happen than the yen strengthening to 50 to the dollar. The economy is awash with cash, but with no place to use it, most of it has been pumped into the stock market. The yen is much above it's natural value right now, just as bond rates are below their natural values. Endless interventions by the state and the central bank have kept JGB rates low, and the yen weak. With no potential for meaningful growth to repay all that has been borrowed, even at near-zero rates, and no inflation, there remain few options other than more monetization of the debt. In such case, we won't see savings doubling in value, but halving or quartering.

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Serious change may come if Dollar/Yen drop to 50

To my mind, that would be a good thing for Japan overall, considering so many old people will not be working and producing, but rather in retirement and mostly just consuming. Yes export based industries that can't survive under that sort of exchange rate would suffer, but it's the pensioners who vote, and unviable businesses can be replaced with new ones to replace them if only status-quo-loving Japan wakes up to it. The politicians in the pockets of exporters would hate it but what are they going to do. All up it'll mean Japan's savings would have doubled in real value, which is great for consumers.

The really serious change would come if we see Dollar/Yen rocket to 500, Venezuela-style. I think the revolution would happen more peacefully than it is in Venezuela though. Still, it won't be a cake walk.

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please remember that this regime leader had a snap election for no reason other than there was no real opposition. the few that woke up voted for the communist party who increased their seats. only about 56% bothered to vote and Abe won over half. that means our dictator has about 30% of the peoples vote to take Japan to war and invoke revenge attacks and terror attacks, with Japanese no longer able to freely travel around the world safely. Tourism will dive. Nice guy. People equate to North Korean Leader, but i think more along the lines of Turkeys dictator.

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Constitution change is not needed and relevant. Why fight and kill and be killed over some uninhibited rocks?Serious change may come if Dollar/Yen drop to 50, or population drop to 80 million. Which one will come first? Or will it be business as usual, and just debates and debates and white paper after white paper, blue ribbon panel after blue ribbon panel? Will the LDP focus on the well being of the people, instead on the well being of LDP?

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Unfortunately, Abe's idea of "debate" is blind conformism.

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SERIOUSLY ABE? There are no other priorities to worry about now? Fukushima, child birth rate/aging population/pension system, corruption, aging bridges and tunnels... THIS is what you choose to focus on?

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Abe wants the constitution to be changed before the Tokyo olympics, although there is no sensible reason to link the two events.

If Abe really wants a debate why doesn't he explain clearly what the LDP want to change, instead of rambling on about the need for change without giving any details? Why doesn't he argue for his wish to deprive people of their freedoms and impose duties upon them? Why don't the media press him on this? He says he wants a debate, so give him one.

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe just will not leave Japan imperialist past be.

Cabinet member take in it turns to pries open a political Pandora's box of perceived humiliations heaped upon present day national conscience in angry retribution. Against the fact that over eighty percent of the population have no reason to feel responsible. I do believe it is right and fair the people of Japan question neighboring continued belligerence.

But constitutional change is not the answer and certainly will not bring relief to Japan economy, wealth and prosperity to its people or reverse acute population decline.

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sangetsu03 Today  07:59 am JST

Abe must address the economy, first and foremost, and should not be wasting time trying to encourage debate on changes to the constitution. It is like trying to paint a burning house. What good will a new constitution be if the economy collapses?

It won't matter to the LDP. They'll just shrug, earnestly say it's a big problem, commit to serious discussions about how to solve it, and in those discussions someone will say, "It's very difficult, isn't it," while everyone else solemnly nods their heads. The main thing is that they'll have their very own constitution and that they will keep getting re-elected no matter what the economic situation is. Doing absolutely nothing to fix the economy hasn't hurt them in the polls so far, after all, so why rock the boat as long as they all have their Diet seats, big salaries and perks, and the same for their sons and grandsons?

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He had accomplished nothing in the economy, only bringing Japan in the path of militarization, Abe is the symbol of inward-looking and protectionist moves (taking his own words)

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Another "urge" hopefully as successful as all the other "urges". I feel sorry for him having to go home to mum screaming at him not being as good as his grandad.

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Ah, Japanese politics. They are either dithering or not doing anything at all. A debate is a debate. It should be scheduled and run. Four years of dithering discussions is not a debate.

Bring back the punch ips of the 80's and 90's. They got results!

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Alas the voters don't indicate that the economy is important to them, although they will in time come around when the inflation or pension cuts come.

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Abe's self-entitlement and arrogance is almost out of control. The constitution of Japan belongs to the country, not the LDP. He seems to think the LDP ( and Nippon Kaigi, of course ) is the country. This is what happens in one-party states with political dynasties, like North Korea.

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Abe's dreaming and needs to focus on the economy and not war.

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Oh nothing to see here. Japan's just woken up to realize like america did ages ago that like sex, war sells!! It is after all the last refuge of a fledgling economy

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On the list of serious problems which Japan faces now, problems with the constitution rate very low. The economy, which is number one problem facing Japan, continues to be stuck in the mud. The only thing keeping it going is money printing, deficit spending, and heavy borrowing. 5 years later, the "third arrow" of Abenomics has yet to be seen, and now it appears that it never existed. But Abe is doing what all politicians do, to divert the attention from domestic problems by talking about threats to the Senkakus, and North Korea.

When politicians do things like change the constitution, it is seldom to increase the freedom of people or the economy. Constitutional changes usually increase the power of the state, and the profitability of politics, which must come at the expense of the people.

Abe must address the economy, first and foremost, and should not be wasting time trying to encourage debate on changes to the constitution. It is like trying to paint a burning house. What good will a new constitution be if the economy collapses?

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On last night's news Abe was being questioned in a Diet meeting regarding this issue and he was pretty nasty at times in his replies to opposition members "questioning" his "urge" to have the LDP change the constitution, almost as if it was their god given right and no one should question his decision.

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is this a bad picture or is he aging badly the last few years?

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