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Abe urges sticking to diplomatic action on N Korea


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N K ofea darn Pachinko income percent tō finance missile development. it does not hate Japan.

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china, Japan and Russia will bo on diplomatic peace talk with Kim.

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I like diplomatic action better than shooting missiles. Japan haters don't believe but N Korea don't hate Iapan which is excellent incomebresource for pachinko royalities.

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tax record. currently bring audited so no telease to strangers who may be President killer.

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Unfortunately, "diplomatic action" has NOT worked for the past 13 years. I am not advocating war, but if North Korea continues to develop and launch its nuclear weapons, there will be no opportunity for diplomatic action.

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latest news .... T Tussian .. not, Kim. Trump is most dangerous person.China will work with Japan to bring peace in Korea. N K N K is ready to

defend from Trump attack, its official stated.

Maybe war?

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World is dealing with unpredictable NorthbKlren head who finished revenging against his relatives.

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If diplomacy worked a single time in the last 70 years or so we wouldn't have had this situation today.

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@toshiko If you think NK does not HATE Japan, you have no idea what is going on inside NK. Aside from the kidnappings, the missiles they fire into the Sea of Japan, and the relentless anti-Japanese propaganda, I'm sure they are really a good friend to Japan!!!

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N Korea is a neighbor. It does not hate Japan. Abe is realistic.

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Abe urges sticking to diplomatic action on N Korea

Albaleo urges sticking to previous JT format. (In grumpy old man mode.)

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Only one man can fix these tensions and his nickname is "The Worm."

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JT's new format sucks. What a mess.

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""North Korea is showing off its military power, but it's important for us to protect peace through diplomatic efforts," Abe said."

Very rational approach, Only a certified J-hater could make negative comments about this article.

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One thing is call the Devil and another is seen him coming!!

Right Abe?

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stressed Monday the importance of responding to North Korea's overtures of military power with diplomatic efforts, apparently cautioning against the use of force.

In that I fully agree with him.

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Ditto that, @smith !

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And whenever Japan does something that other nations don't approve of and/or is against certain rules, laws, or regulations?

"None of your business".

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I'm completely lost on this site, looks like JT fired a few of its own dumb missiles

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