Abe visits gas-rich Qatar


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Just above Japan, Russia has millions of tons of LNG to sell. The right wing idiots in Japan are imposing a huge cost on all Japanese people and businesses because of their many complexes and their inefficiency and immature personality. I just see Japan going down because of these hypocrites and there is hardly anything the collectivist society of silent lambs is going to do about it ...

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Now you know why they have installed more prayer rooms at Kansai International.

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He should feel right at home as all he has done so far is gas about change and growth but no real action. Retail sales today were poor. no third arrow anywhere in sight.

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AKB-fan, so it's

Gas-rich Abe visits gas-rich Qatar?

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Abe’s tour of the Gulf is seen as his latest push to promote nuclear technology exports. And the Japanese government says Qatar and Kuwait have shown an interest in nuclear safety, out of concerns that neighboring countries plan to build nuclear plants.

Madness! I guess some of these arab countries are ignorant about the nuclear mess in japan. Why should one buy japan nuke technology now even if for free? Is there something the world does not yet know about such monkey business?

And all this is happening when nuclear plant closures are at their highest in history..http://www.environmentalleader.com/2013/08/28/nuclear-plant-closures-at-all-time-high/

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Wasn't Qatar supporting the band that attacked an oil field in Algeria, where around 10 japanese were killed, early this year ? and other extremists as well...

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Where do I start? I know; your comment is the biggest load of faeces I have seen here for a long time.

You're presuming Japan should take the intolerant stance Christian countries are showing for Muslims, just because you come from such a country yourself.

I doubt that you know which country I am from. If you do then you obviously know little of that country.

You can not understand the general open minded attitude Japanese are showing towards other country's cultures and religion....

Is that so? In all the many years I have lived in Japan that has never been obvious. Do you live in Japan?

just because you and people from your country are incapable of showing the same respect and attitude.

I don't know why I am wasting my time responding to you but, briefly, my country has many Muslims and many mosques. I have lived and worked in Muslim countries for many years, I have many Muslim friends and colleagues.

Finally, getting back to my original point; Qatar Airways and airlines from other Muslim countries use KIX so the airport is responding to that. How your obviously deranged and twisted little mind managed to translated that is beyond me and most others here.

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As I swelter in the near 40 degree heat every summer I wonder why it takes Japanese politicians so long to enact laws that promote and aid the installation of solar power for homes and businesses.

Relying on foreign imports to the degree that Japan does makes no sense.

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Qatar won't be so rich after the gas runs out.

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